Thursday, October 25, 2018

Wanderings at Lunch

Since many weeks, one has been having lunch all by oneself. On multiple occasions, one chooses to sit in the tables meant for 2 people instead of the bigger 6 people tables, just to reduce the probability of someone else using the other seat(s). The reasons being many. There is a dearth for a suitable gang for one to tag along, the kind of food served in the canteen isn't to one's liking, the 'aroma' is beyond one's tolerance limits and so on and so on. A practice to eat when one feels hungry is also of primary importance.

This afternoon, one was having a solitary lunch. A simple fair of a couple pieces of wheat flour based Indian bread with a tomato based accompaniment and a couple of slices of toasted brown bread. As one was munching, a certain acquaintance from office walks up to one's table and states "enna saar, chappati ellam saapidareenga. north indian aagiteengala" (what sir? you are eating chapathi and all. have you become a north indian?) and walks away.

Left one puzzled. One wanted to go to his table and question him if he is of Irish domicile, since he eating a dish made from potatoes, if he has plans to be identified as a South American, since there is a sufficient dash of chillies in his meal, if he has taken a residence in Jakarta, since he most probably had idly for breakfast on atleast one occasion amongst the past half-a-dozen mornings and some further similar questions.

Well, does it really matter!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

yesterday at the station.

Yesterday i reached TVR (thiruvarur) station rather early for my 16176. And my decision to do so yielded. I could see 56889 TVR-TPT passenger (a tiny train all of 3 coaches with the Guard in the middle one, pulled by GOC YDM4 6225) I was so facinated to see a MG train after so long. I kept going up-and-down the platform till the train departed. It was very dark and hence I did not attempt to take a pic. From the MG pf 5, i walked back to the BG pf 1 for my 16176 (thro' the FOB actually) and was loitering around the Pf coz there were too many mosquitoes. A Policeman stopped me and asked me "yenga poreenga" I said "madras poren" apram en andha platform-la ninnutu irundheenga. konja neram munnadi 5-la pathene" I was shocked to know that people actually noted this. I replied "naa madras. angallam meter gauge train kedayadhu. inga irukku-nu sonnanga adhaan paakalaam-nu andha platform vanden." he dint leave me there. "madras-la enna panreenga" he asked. "Oru company-la velai paakaren" i said. "thiruvarur edhukku vandheenga" he asked again. "idhu thaan sondha oor. kovilukku vandhen" i replied. naanum vidaama padhil sonnen. "periya kovil vandheengala" he also dint leave me. "aama saar. pakkathula grama thaan actually sondha oor. anga thiruvizha-kkaga vandheen." i said. (totally unmai)

even after all this cross-examination he half-heartedly let me continue my loitering till the train actually came.

oru train-a vedikkai paakaradhu ivlo periya thappaaa:((

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

got mugged! ahem... well almost!

I was standing there, near a big table. There was this old man shouting on the phone to the person on the other end.

"how dare did that guy write such a thing to my daughter? He has used such foul language and you have done nothing about it."

The constable on duty wasnt showing any sign of what was happening. To him, probably this is a routine affair. This old man was going non-stop. The wife of the man and their daughter were sitting there weeping, holding a piece of paper.

Losing patience, I ask the constable if I can see that sheet of paper. He asks the ladies to show it to me. They refuse. I demand. The constable then snatches it from them and shows it to me. The sheet of paper contains scribbled notes all over it and has a small passage of about 3-4 lines separately circled and some words on it struck with a pen. It looks like a sheet of paper on which some friends had exchanged notes and thoughts. It also looks like a very close pair of friends who must have written things to each other. The language is some kind of a mixed dialect of english and other vernacular, but written in english script. There are enough expletives spilled all over. The encircled passage is just another such note on that sheet of paper. It is easily guessable that the struck portions must contain some objectionable words. The old man is still on the phone.

After seeing the paper all over and flipping it a few times, it struck me. This is one of those sheets which must have been used by me to exchange thoughts with some friend who must have been present with me. Yes, this was at the concert last week. I attended the concert with a good friend from college. For want of decency and to avoid disturbances during a program, it is a practice that we exchange thoughts and discuss things about the program or otherwise, on paper and not vocally. There are a million such pieces of paper all over my bag, my desk, my bedroom, at home! One fine morning, they would all go to the trash can. How did this one sheet escape and reach here!

I got furious. In plain loud words "This does not say anywhere that I have written this to this girl in question. This does not even say I wrote this. I can tell you that I did write this. This is not written in english, but in a private language we use in our college. And, it is for a friend of mine and as it is not english, if outsiders read this and understand in the fashion they want, I am not responsible fo this. If you wish to pursue this issue anymore, I will file a case of intruding into my privacy and nuisance. I will also make sure that you will not have a peaceful life hence." I declare.

With the constable's permission I exit the place with the sheet of paper, dragging my mom along. Tear and throw the piece of paper in the gutter outside and leave the place on my bike.

The girl and her mom rush outside to only see me off on my bike. The old man is still on the phone...

gosh! what a dream :D

Friday, March 25, 2011

office going

It has been a few weeks since one joined a job

The first taste of corporate life has been rather mixed. One isnt particularly happy with everything.

Firstly, the need to wear an ID card always is something one has never been used to and it makes life tough when the ID is needed for anything at work. Starting from entering the building itself to getting a cup of coffee at the cafeteria.

After being used to attending and organising meetings and seminars just for the tea and the snacks, and on some occasions even lunch and dinner, it is rather surprising and boring to be sitting thro' pointless and sleepy meeting with nothing at all.

It is good that one is able to go to work early in the morning and come home for a late lunch. Thus, one has half a day for pursuing other activities and interests.

It is totally unappreciative to see security guards acting as if they are the bosses.

However, job isnt strenous and demanding for now. Hence, it is ok. lets see where it goes from here and when

Thursday, November 18, 2010

An EML after a long time

After what would be years, I happened to attend an extra mural lecture at IC&SR auditorium this evening. The speaker was Sri N Gopalaswamy, former CEC of India. The topic was 'Whither Indian Democracy'

Firstly I was rather surprised at the crowds, or the lack of it. Considering who the speaker was, I would have expected the CLT to fill up and here I was at IC&SR auditorium 10 behind the scheduled time, only to find quite a few empty seats. Being myself, I chose one of those seats as close to the stage as possible.

The speaker was pretty good and impressive. For a while actually, I thought he wasnt reaching anywhere, but with time and more slides and the points he was making, he was indeed driving a strong message which isnt unknown but needs to be realised and acted upon immediately, which is need to clean up today's Democracy in India.

I dont know that people were allowed inside IC&SR premises in half pants and shorts. Since when has this been happening?

When will people learn to switch off or put their mobile phones on silent? The most noisy of phones were those of faculty members and a certain member of faculty had been getting calls continuously for not less than an hour and he kept pressing the cancel button. Would it not be easier to have the mobile in silent or just quietly slip out to take the call, or just switch off the phone?

The saga of incomprehensible and incoherent questions continues. People still do not want to understand what others have asked and reword the same in different ways.

The number of post graduates and research scholars was pretty high compared to the undergraduates. I dont wish to say is it good or bad.

While the speaker kept remarking about the corruptness and lack of credibility and integrity amongst the educated elite, when it came to the election scenario and the democracy and bureaucracy in general, there was a roaring applause. I am still digesting it and figuring out as to what was the reason to applaud?

A better master of the ceremony was warranted. While I do not wish to get judgemental with the accent, somebody with a better fluency and command on english would have certainly been much more helpful.

All this, while a stone-throw away, Chetan Bhagat was having some interactive session at CLT, with i m sure a full house...

Monday, September 06, 2010

blog is 6 yr old today

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Footwear blues

Last week, I had gone to a temple. After having a good darshan, I come out of the temple to not find my footwear. I did search for a good while and eventually came back bare foot. This happened on thursday last.

I hence, went out shopping on saturday morning to get myself a new pair of footwear. After looking around the shop, I had chose to try out two somewhat similar looking pairs and choose one of them. After the trails and other considerations, I chose one and got it billed and brought them back.

Come monday, I open the packet to find that, I have one from each pair packed. I go back to the shop on monday evening only to find that the other "pair" is not traceable and probably sold to somebody else. Now, they both look somewhat similar but not the same. The shopkeeper asks me to come back the next day so that he will arrange for a replacement.

On tuesday evening, I am offered a new pair of the same size and design from a fresh stock, but, that doesnt fit me.

I now have a not-so-fitting pair of footwear and the shopkeeper has the mis-matched pair which he has pledged he would get it replaced with the wholesale dealer or the manufacturer in a day or two.

I am still stuck with dad's spare pair of footwear

eventually, story ended on saturday.

The other mis-matched pair is untraceble. I end up bringing an absolutely different pair of sandals that fit me, for want of better options.

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