Friday, March 28, 2008

A Luncheon at Narmad Mess

This afternoon, i had the (mis)fortune of lunching in what people call as the erstwhile narmada mess. I wish to take objection and still prefer refering to it as, Narmad Mess. It is still part of our hostel and the Taramani House has occupied it.

While sitting there for about half an hour, the place doesnt look one bit what it was in those days. In those 30 short minutes, i had a full recollection of most of the events, all the way from my first ever roll call. With a little effort, i could even recollect each meal i ate there.

The iron-stairs which take one to the mess from 3rd wing directly was over used by us in those days. The breakfasts we ran for, the lunches we ate over all the talking, the tea we drank at the stage, the dinners we ate for all that it was worth, they all came back. The day when we all left our dinner plates outside, the day when uncooked rice was served, the day when raw chicken curry was made, they day when plastic bags were found in mattar paneer curry, they all came back in a moment's time. The innumerable fights with the mess staff, the mess council meetings, each guy's face came back to memory.

All those discussions and GBMs we had there, the fights among junta, the ambiance and models we made for various things in that hall, each chart that was painted, each drama we had practiced, each nut that was bolted, each day came back to my memory. I could even remember all those days when the hall was used as a carpentry for all the doors we have in our rooms.

Well, they all remain memories now. They will remain as memories. Such once-in-a-while lunches and dinners, to which one gets invited, makes one feel nostalgic. else, having grub there regularly is a distant probably an impossible dream.

I hope, we get back this hall, after Taramani House builds its new kitchen.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Should we celebrate hostel night???

Disclaimer: This is one of those posts where i m going to be a little harsh about some things and people. Anybody who has cribs with anything in this piece, are requested to either skip those parts and/or read and stay quiet.

Yesterday night, there was this notice on the notice board which said "Junta, Final meeting to decide on Hostel Night Theme. 10 pm at common room. All final years junta are requested to come." signed by the Lit-Sec and Soc-Sec.

Probably it was interpreted by people that only final years were called, at 10 pm there were about 25-30 final year junta and the two people who signed, present. Nobody else from the hostel, including the secretaries (finishing his term or elected for next year) was available. Later, one or two of them made an appearance and left.

However, discussions were on. At the end of about an hour and half, a few suggestions were made to the Lit-Sec (by then the Soc-Sec was missing also)

At half past midnight, somebody knocks my door to wake me from deep thought, saying the gen sec has just arrived and can there be a meeting to discuss stuff. And this bloke wants to convince me for something i wouldn't accept. They want me to accept that a DJ is very important and has to happen for 2 hours at hostel night. Left to me, i wouldn't have a DJ at all, but why should i be convinced for having one? whats the point in convincing me?

Does one have to necessarily celebrate hostel night with such people around?

PS: On second thoughts, it looks like this post is rather less derogatory than what i wanted it to be. I think its ok to be subtle also, at times...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a movie review

And another post on movies.

However, this time not on a movie, but on a movie review i enjoyed reading. So, please read it in the link given

quite a well written review. I am not a fan of Sudhish Kamath's writings and his style, however this one was just too much. had to keep a record of it, and hence a blog post.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sadhu miranda...

"Sadhu Miranda.." this it the title of a tamil movie i watched a few weeks back. We had guests at home and for want of a better thing to do, we made our way to the theatre most easily travellable from home to find this movie being screened. we did watch it.

It is a usual revenge story. hero taking revenge for the murder of his sister by the villian and his gang by acting dumb and forging and all the other usual means to get to his goal. Eventually substantiating all this deeds to that fact that he had to take revenge for what was done to his sister and blah blah...

However the movie was quite thrilling and made well actually. i dint get bored at all.

for those who can understand tamil and have a couple of hours or so to kill, go watch it.

PS: for those who wonder what "sadhu miranda" means, it is approximated translated as "what if an innocent guy is agitated?" in english.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


For those who think this is about Jodha, well i dont like Aishwarya or Hritik and wouldnt wanna blog on them..

This is about Jodiac, well.. ahem... Zodiac compatability.

fun quizzes for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quiz

now, what do i interpret from this circle?


gosh... there should be a limit...

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