Monday, April 28, 2008

next change

announcing the next change...

SGH X 100 to LG KE 590

Friday, April 11, 2008

A couple of articles

I was referred by a friend to read the following articles.

Does India need more IITs?

The author of this article is Prof. P V Indiresan, Former Director of IIT Madras. This article cited above happens to have a sequel in the following article by the same author.

IITs: Quality only because of exclusivity

I would urge you to read these articles and then read this blog post.

In both these articles, Prof Indiresan has made it evident about his feelings against the reservations and increase of the number of seats at elite institutions citing examples and drawing conclusions. It is indeed very beautifully written, and the fact that this man does belong to the system is very apparent from his writing. While, I am against the reservations and increase in the number of seats mindlessly myself, I do think there are some points on which Prof Indiresan could be countered.

Does Prof. Indiersan say that IITs can be centers of excellence only when surrounded by a sea of mediocracy? Why does he not take into account the increase in intake in Oxford or Harvard or the expansions that have happened in those campuses since their inception? Does he say that the students of IITs dont have a standing to make an assessment of the people who teach them?

Isn't there a measured silence in these articles on issues he might think be even a trifle counter to his stand and arguement?

Well, thats journalism. You only write what will sell your story. A critical outlook is usually lost.

And with the recent Judgement from the Supreme Court on the quota and reservations, the issue is going to be all the more in news.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Being bald - is it a bane?

A couple of days ago, I happened to watch this particular talk show, Neeya Naana on Star Vijay. The episode had a set of young men who were bald and a set of young women who expressed their views about the problems caused due to baldness at young age.

The guys who were present, had much more hair than i do. however, they all spoke in such a sober mood, i felt very bad. There were a few who made sense in speaking. Comments like "we have tried our best to avoid, we cant do much about it", "We dont care for it", "It does feel bad when people make fun of us" came out from the men. There wasn't much difference in the opinions of the men.

The attitude of the women was quite striking. Statments like "They don't look normal and hence we find it tough to accept them", "The society will make fun of me, if i accept a bald guy as my husband", "what will my friends say?", "I cant go in the public with him, i will feel awkward" were made. There was just one woman, who boldly said, "i married a bald man by choice. i like him."

Watching all this, my dad, once again started his usual discourse on why i should use a wig or go for a transplant treatment, blah blah...

While all those guys look totally depressed and/or dejected, the females were acting as if being bald is something like being an untouchable.

Is being bald, something the person has a say or opinion about? after all, it is natural. When it starts and when it ends is not in your hand. in such a situation, why are the bald men discriminated?

well, the society, especially the young ladies of the day need to do some soul searching and realise that external beauty is time bound for anybody.

PS: i am not writing this post because i m feeling bad for being bald or because i m being pressurised to get it treated etc. i am happy being who i am and how i look. the reason i wrote this blog is the attitude of the society.

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