Friday, March 27, 2009

Hostel Night Cribs - revisited


Year after year, we have been ‘celebrating’ what we call as Hostel Night.

Year after year, we recycle the same theme in a different name. While other hostels have no dearth of ideas when it comes to theme and ambi and all else, we have to have the same theme in a different name, every other year. Well, I must accept, it needs a lot of creativity to pull that off. In the recent past, we have had same stuff thrice, in name of ‘Rock Music’, ‘Blast from the past’, ‘That 70s show’ and this time it is ‘Wild Wild West’. Come on guys let’s call it ‘Guitar’ or something next year.

We eat food that is worhester than mess grub and pay 10 times the money. The same thing as mess would be served. Same chilled and rubbery rotis and naans as mess. If you go early, you will not find paneer coz, its buried deep into the curry. If go sometime in the middle, you’ll have to stand in a long queue. If you go late, then paneer would be over. You can’t eat any of the curries any way.

We don’t even care to put up proper RGs. Toasts don’t get over, even after the breakfast is served next morning. Let’s not even take the name of Roasts.

Discussion meetings and decisions are not announced on notice board. This year, I have not seen even one proper IP regarding hostel night. Well, the present bunch of secretaries got thro' with a 5 minute GBM where a total of 6 people (including the warden and 2 freshies) attended, while there are a total of 9 elected representatives. What else do we expect from them.

It is better to stop celebrating hostel night, instead of doing a shabby job as usual. If it is indeed going to be ‘celebrated’ in the usual way, it’s better to boycott rather than be a part of what one doesn’t like.

I m not going to be around for hostel night at narmad this time...

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