Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Boat attached chariot.

I am a fan of this author called Kalki. His has written a lot in tamil and I just love his works.

Reading thro' one of his best works, Ponniyin Selvan, i m fascinated by his description of the life in tamilnadu during the Chola Regime in the 10th Century. It talks about all the issues in detail.

what i m reminded presently is the description of a particular vechicle which is called a boat attached chariot. It is a horse driven chariot on the roads, however when it reaches a river, the horses are let loose to swim and climb on the other bank, while the chariot can go into the river and can be driven as a boat till the wheels reach the other bank and can be used again as a chariot. The boat part and chariot part are detachable as well.

while i have no clue of how it would look like and what are the designing parameters, the fact that they had so many innovative things that early is amazing and given the amount of rains Madras is experiencing presently, they should be more than useful.

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