Wednesday, August 27, 2008

absent minded ness.

This is something i have become of conscious off. I have been growing increasingly absent minded and forgetting to do, even very important things at times. There have been very many incidents in the past i would want to quote, however this one is a class apart.

Last week, I was getting ready to go to a wedding reception and was in a hurry getting ready. I was to go home from the wedding and hence was getting my bags done. I took my bags and went to my vehicle. Opened its storage space below the seat. Left all my bags and the keys of the vehicle and closed the seat. It got locked automatically. I started walking back to the hostel and then started searching for my keys.

I walked back to my vehicle, feeling up all my pockets and not finding them keys to the vehicle. It is then did i realise, it could be inside the storage chamber. Though I wasnt sure that I left it there, I couldnt find it anywhere in the vehicle, or in my pockets or on the road. Hence, it must be inside the storage chamber only.

I tried requesting a few others in the area to lend their keys, so that I could if it helps. No lucks. It essentially meant i take a bus to the main gate, and then a bus or train home, find a spare key and then get back to the institute with a spare keys and then hope my original keys are inside the storage chamber of the vehicle. Well, i did take the long trip and i did find the keys inside the chamber.

It essentially meant, I had to skip the reception that day and ended attending the wedding itself in the morning, and i eat Dinner at hostel and not outside, as i was expecting, and most of all, I have start to even more believe that I am growing a lot more absent minded.

PS: I have been thinking of writing this post for a while. but kept forgetting till today. And i was going to blog on something else as well, which i forgot now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I tamed her!

She has been here for a long time...

I kept seeing her for a long time. i dont know what she thought of me. nor did i care for her him. And on one fine day, he left her. and since he left, she has been there alone, all by herself and one fine day i decided to take her.

she had no clue about what was coming. As she was there, i went around and started to first stare at her. She was dirty and wasn't really in her best. Well, i dint mind. i went on to first wipe the dirt at some parts and then slowly i began to caress her. she did not react. Was she happy with it? I had no clue. However, i had crossed the point of no return.

I decided to go ahead and feel her up and fill her up and ride on her. As i started to go for it, it was a little not-so-smooth, come on she has not been used that way for a while since he left. however, over time she began to get smoother and cooperative.

And soon, i was nearing the end but she wasnt. I had reached and wanted to stop, she was in no mood. she was getting faster and taking me deeper and deeper. what do i do? How do i stop, i cant hold on and i dont know how to stop her either. All my methods and tricks failed to work. There was a deep plunge.. and i closed my eyes.

I could not control her anymore. she was controlling me. I let her have whatever she wanted. and took a deep breadth. I was getting ready for anything to come. It wasnt very long but, those moments were scary and i cant tell you how i was feeling.

However, there were suddenly a couple of bumps. I immediately opened by eyes and realised the situation. She was going to fall and take me along and it might be a problem. In no time, i took over and did a balancing act. We were both safe. She looked sorry and i could understand. And successfully she was tamed.

I gave her some stuff she needed and she is now mine. Life goes on!

Before you people get into other thoughts, let me clarify. This is the story of how I tamed Leftit's cycle. And the brakes had failed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Madras 369!

This day, 369 years ago, the city of Madras was born!

It had both the names Chennai and Madras till the mid-90s. Earlier, Chennai was the area outside the fort, called Black Town and eventually George Town. The Fort was called Madras or White Town.

Feels Great to live here!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

two more movie reviews.

sudhish kamath is making me a laugh like mad...

review of Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

review of Mission Istaanbul

Friday, August 01, 2008


Yesterday morning, while walking thro' the campus from SAC to Tiffanys i noticed a rather disturbing scene.

It is but natural for anybody to dress up for an occasion. Across the globe, breaking all cultrual and economic and gender barriers, dressing up for a occasion is a common theme. To their personal capabilities and tastes, the kind of make up varies.

IIT Madras is not exception either. She dresses up for any occasion, be it her golden jubilee or be it welcoming of the new students, or be it the digging of a new ditch for the only reason that the contractors employed to dig cannot be left jobless. Each occasion makes her makeup different though.

For some reason, she loves putting serial light all over her. The green saree which she wears is already glittering day and night and the serial lights over that, makes her look gaudy.

For a recent function, she chose to have herself even more decorated. She chose to keep a pot of some plant (it should necessarily not be a flowering one!) every 2 ft, all the way from her entrance to the auditorium. And she also increased the density of the serial lighting making it all the more glaring.

Going back to yesterday morning, on one of the trees, there was a monkey gang trying to find some berries and fruits eat. They got hold of the serial bulbs. Many of the monkeys were trying to break and/or eat the bulb thinking it is a fruit. I am tempted to call it call it the dasAvatAram effect, after the monkey 'anu' that eats the bio weapon and dies.

With every passing day, IIT Madras is indeed growing indifferent to all her residents. The deer and black buck have an ever shrinking habitat. The plight of monkeys was just elaborated. The SAC has been Airconditioned, hence the house-swift birds are homeless. They are left high and dry. The plight of students need not be elaborated.

For the same function yesterday, there was a full battalion of men in white and khaki overseeing arrangements. They were posted at every pillar and post and in front of every building. They were restricting everything from walking on the road, parking the cycle or two wheeler, standing, talking... eventually adding up to dont come out of your building.

Why all this!

Will somebody do some soul searching? or is it just me who is feeling all this?

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