Saturday, February 19, 2005

This is the second blog in less than an hour. Still i cant resist posting what i found on EP's door. The following is the text. It is left to the imagination of the reader to decifer in it any fashion according to his/her/it's wims and fancies.
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The Following post was an article written by the owner of this blog for 'The Sabre', the Narmada Hostel Magazine in 2002, his freshie year. For people who resided in Narmada during that period, it would probably be very easy to guess the context in which it was written. Of course it was published with tonnes of grammatical errors and alignment problems and misplacing of pieces of text and all that could ruin it. I am actually amazed to see its relavance even now. With no further build-up, here it is
This article is not written with any intention to hurt the feelings of any person or any group of people but is written to be read in a lighter sense.

"The level" as a definition can be taken as "the level". It can be explained as the amount of maturity and class in your activities and in the way you look at and do them.

"The level" of a good number of people amongst us is quite alarming when realised as "the level" in those people is so low that it is not explainable as my conscience says to me. They dont know what to speak, when to speak, how to speak or where to speak. (It is left to the readers choice as to include other words of question to analyze "the level" of a person). The ultimate irony is that they consider their "level" to be that of studs but they dont realise that they belong to a different class of people all together.

For those of you who seek examples, just think of a few recent meetings or seminars or lectures you attended and you certainly would have come across umpteen number of examples of people who belong to "the level" yourself.

These people do things in a very outtax fashion and try to impress people and do impress quiet a large number of audiences. By doing so they are able to attain heights but actually lack "the level" in them and hence is "the level" of their activities.

Those people who get attraced by the people who belong to the "the level" are (I dont know what to say) all very immature and their "the level" is far below than those whose "the level" mentioned perviously in the article.

The race of people whose "the level" is not definable are those who get the greatest attention as the big shots all over and today's world is in a pitiable "level" because of the people who belong to "the level" and supported by those who lack "the level" and "the level" of those in whose hands is the world today is in.

It is left to the reader of this article to raise their "level" and gain a maturity and class in their lifestyle and aso as to see some amount of improvement and class in their work and also for the second lot to not to go behind people of "the level" unless they have raised their "levle" and be clear to select people who have certain amount of "class"

If atleast one person realises about the pity of "the level" and tries to raise himself to some "class", I think that would serve the purpose of writing this article though I would welcom more people to raise their "level" and get into drastic measures so as to see greater improvement and leading to the greater good of your life and also that of those around you.

The last paragraph is not meant to be taken in a lighter sense as "the level" of most of the people who read this is to reduce "the article" itself to "the level"

Monday, February 14, 2005

Losing Theatres

The art of theatre has not been so good in recent times. Plays written in day-to-day world portray the true state of politics in this country in its own sarcastic way. The other subject which they portray is love. After all, what else is there. Since time immemorial, literature in this part of the world has been on two subjects, one being private life, which includes love, spouse and the other being public life, which includes politics, bravery.

Even theatre art in other parts of the world have also been on similar subjects only. Shakespeare was probably one of the leading writers in this kind of rather sensitive political subjects. In the era of monarchs, it was all the more difficult to openly criticize the ruler. Almost, all of his plays are just exact depictions of the social and political situation of his era though they are told differently. During a talk on King Lear, by Professor Manfred Stassen, this was highlighted very conclusively and convincingly. He had cited the exact correlation between the set-up of the society and the different charecters of the play which represent a particular sect of people in the society.

This evening, there was a screening of a movie at Alliance Franciase of Madras, "Shakespeare Wallah" directed by James Ivory starring Shashi Kapoor in the lead role. Released in 1965, the movie talks of the problems faced by a shakespearian travelling theatre group during the final days of the British Raj. It portrays the decline of the theatre art and the rise of cinema at the cost of the theatre art revolving around the british family which runs the theatre group. The Family is stationed at a particular place where the hero and his cousin(/wife?), who is a film herione also lives. The hero goes to the plays and gets attracted to the company owner's daughter. And then the familly feud and theatre party moving away to another place and the hero chasing and all that in true style. The movie ends with the daughter of the theatre owner sailing off to England. The movie clearly depicts the plight of theatre even in the 1940s when people came to plays with a movie mindset and had conversations, whistles and making all sorts of distractions which make it even more tough to present a play. The problems faced by theatre groups because of poor patronage and all the related stuff was rather truely depicted. It was worth the pains one had to take in deciding against a concert of a very senior musician close-by and travelling on a rather-small two wheeler across the city through the worst possible roads and strolling the vehicle on the road to avoid getting caught in traffic negotiating the longest set of oneway roads in the city. Still, thanks to the spree of messages on the mobile, one could have enjoyed it more.

To actually tell the actual fact, this art is presently looking a bit healthy after a rather long lagging phase. One cannot have another opinion on the fact that, it needs more practice and lot more of talent to present it live on stage than in any recorded media form. It also involves quite a lot of homework both for the people and setting up the stage for the performance. This great form of art has been on the back seat since the days of motion pictures and after the motion pictures started speaking and getting more and more lively, it has been getting a step-motherly attitude from the society. It is presently a hope that, the art would not die out and would stand tall in the test of time.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The various 'pathy's

I have developed this "viral" infection which caused a few ruptures all thro' my face. History would reveal the fact that i had to shave off my moustache because of this a couple of weeks ago. And most of my wing mates have been telling me that this new look is far better than what i used to look, so presently contemplating on shaving moustache always.

Back to where i started, this infection has been causing a lot of problems. I have to go to this Dermaetologist almost every odd and even saturday and get a spray called cryo-canter sprayed all over my face. This spray thing causes a lot of pain and burning sensation and goes to make all the affected parts to turn brown to eventually dry up and fall off. The pain is that, it leaves a huge scar on the face which makes the face look all the more ugly. What is more painful is that, these scars generate a second generation of dried patches which dont fall off unless one just pulls it out.

What caused this is a mystery. My mom believes it is the new brand of shaving cream which i used while my dad believes it is the homeopathy medicine which i take for the past one-and-half years to cure the well known hair-loss problem of mine. The doctor being the most diplomatic in her words, says one does not know what the other schools of medicine so and do stop the other treatments till i finish my course. She also went on prescribe a particular ointment which costs not less than 300 bucks for a quarter gram and has to be procured from the land which ruled our country for three-and-half centuries.

The homeopathic consultant who gives her course on hair-loss says that their medicines to not hinder but enhance immunity and hence one should not stop their medicines. After which she adds that the allopathic school of medicine is the one which has a lot of side-effects and one should stop it immediately and get treated for this infection also in homeopathy.

One is presently left in a dilemma as to choose what and take which course. coming to think of it, fighting between both of these, one is far safer to live with the scars. I just am hoping that my people do not find a naturopathist or some other practitioner of yet another school of medicine to treat one/all of the these and other unknown ailments which are their in the body...

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