Thursday, March 24, 2005

Auto Receipt

Well this is on something which i could have never imagined till i saw this piece of paper.

Getting a bill from an auto driver in the city of Madras, is probably the last thing one could ever get done. The following is a specimen of what i guess is the only receipt from an auto driver in Chennai City.


I came across the above, while going thro' the bills submitted for the open quiz and trying to place them in some order to be settled and get paid. Did not know whom i should pity for...

The auto driver to have undergone all the mental trauma, from the guy concerned who got such a thingy written from him...

The guy who got it written for convincing the auto driver and getting such a thing written... (I dont think i have to elaborate about this guy. I guess, it is intutively obvious about the guy's taxonomical classifications)

Me for reading such things and going thro' them to put bills...

The Insti junta, who have to look at these and get them reimbursed...

Last, the reader for getting pained...

Rising hour

I got up at 0630 hours Indian Standard(not strechable) Time this morning. And on my way to get thro' with my morning saga, a good friend asks me, "what da, you got up so late?".

I was taken aback. For one moment i was actually not sure if my auditory nerve was in good shape. But then, our man asked the same once more and hence did believe that he did ask me this.

First i was a bit curious as to why he made such a statement. I was eventually reminded of days when only another good friend of mine and I would be the only two who would invariably get up at about the same time in the morning everyday. We were the only two to get up and bath and go for breakfast and also get enuf news out of the wing news paper before pushing of to the first slot. This was our routine. It used to be fun to watch people running from room to the bog half nude with a brush in the mouth and a mug in the hand and then running back to get dressed in the most shabiest dress to run for class, by when both of us would be walking to class with no hurry, whatsoever. Those days are long begone.

Eventually, my system has been shutting down quite late in the night, rather early in the moring for me to boot up early in the morning.

Coming back, to the comment, first i felt happy for somebody thinks i m a early riser. Eventually felt bad for not living up to expectations of some people. All that one is reminded off, is the age old saying "Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"

Ah now i know why i am not healthy or wealthy or wise.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My ray of hope

Ah another blog with no idea what to write, but want to put something on blog, so here it goes.

My Doctoral Committee met yesterday morning to review the "progress" of my research. I was happy that it met after some so-many rounds of postponements since almost a month now. I was quite tensed for the amount of research i have been doing offlate is not something i dont wish to speculate on. I did put a slaisha decent looking report which was actually filled with what one could define in two words and described as the excretary waste of a male belonging to the bovine species. The meeting was not all the painful, but for the fact that all the panelists just kept re-iterating that i should do research with more commitment and conviction and seriousness and wanted "good progress" to be visible by the next time they meet. Even my Research Supervisor who was not so happy with me till just beyond the meeting, came to my rescue at the meeting and had later told the same thing with more vigour and a lot moral advice. Hopefully will do research hence...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

me back...

After a rather long gap, i m putting a blog on particularly nothing. Well i do have a plethora of things i wish to blog on, starting from
a. how my Doctoral Committee has been getting postponed for the nth time to
b. my having developed a infitisimally small amount of enthu to do research to
c. my number of orkut friends crossing my room number to
d. how the open quiz happened to
e. how i ended up shouting at almost everybody in due course of organising to
f. my cousins' engagements to
g. the number of people i have to wish while walking on any particular corridor to
h. having found a comp-version of scrabble to
i. putting a blog for the sake of it
and so on...

hope to find enthu and time to write blogs...

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