Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Going Blank

This is definitely not the first time i have gone blank. What i wonder is that why does the mind go blank at times. One just does not get the mood to do anything at all. Even writing blog, i have forced myself to atleast do this for want of a better thing to do. Have taken about an hour to reach this far from the begining, thats the amount of enthulessness which presently haunts me.

I am quite sure that almost everybody has such periods of time when you just dont want to do anything. I just feel that i get into such a mind-set rather tooo often. Reasons being unknown. I just hope that such bouts of blankness dont fall on me this often, for i wish i do some work and get some science done. I have actually been wishing to do this very very seriously since quite sometime, gone are the days when i thought research is gonna be a cakewalk, i realised it is a tough thing, the tough way. By actually not doing it.

All that said, though i have to do lots and lots of work in a projectile's pace to see some light at the end of this rather long and painful tunnel, my legs just dont want to move. Why do such things happen?

If only i could decide what my mindset should be, which some ppl claim one can, things would be far better. I could have done lots of work and did some small things new in the science i have taken up to do. The work is of course very interesting just that i m not all that into it.

Oh my good God, Why would you not make me do work always? Why would not make me do research as much i am suppose to do? Why would you make me stop wasting time?

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Meeting my people...

Another couple of them down yesterday. One of them committed and another married...

This is the list of people who were my school classmates and have got married. A girl married last year, while a couple of guys married during this year beginning. And yesterday one girl got married while another guy got engaged.

The engagement was between 5 and 6 and was beyond the wedding place where the reception started at 6:30 pm. By the standards of IST(stretchable) one could have easily guessed the fact that we left the engagements hall only at 7:30. After all, almost half of the classmates had met at the engagement and went to the reception together.

It was very refreshing to hear people calling "buntie" and "bharathu" a very welcome change from the same old stale "bhaand" which i have gone completely use to that sometimes i dont even respond to "bharathwaj"

it is really a great occasion and feels very good to meet one's old frnds with whom one studied for 10 years and had sat with everyguy in class at some point of time, fought every person and still have a closely knit network with all of them even after 7 years since once finished school...

Hopefully i will get to meet them more often...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The two incidents...

Last night, while walking on a rather dark corridor, half dressed, the members of the latest ultimate fart gang, viz a good friend,another good friend, the metroseksual guy and the sentimental guy (i am tempted to call them the other and the yetanother good friend, but alas they are patented for the other and the yetanother friend)*, questioned if i was walking in the nude and even after i wore a Tshirt over the shorts refused to believe that i was were clothing below my waist till i had to go right next to them and proove it... After all, people in narmad are turning to the true colour (read as pink)

The second was that, tak and Fu were walking from somewhere to elsewhere when a unidentified person addressed Fu by my name first and then by all the known names of mine. Tak was LOHAROFing while Fu was shit pained, i am told. After all who on earth would be happy to be associated to a bald dumb charecter who all his life has done nothing useful.

On hearing this, i am quite happy that there still are people in IITM who dont know me...

* dont worry if you dont understand this part. Thats for the big friend to understand

Saturday, April 02, 2005

ningĂșn tema

Some time back i had made it a point to attend this lecture under the auspices of the Reflections Team. The topic "Purity of Life, a biblican perspective, with special emphasis on Lust and Pornography". (i know it is rather long for a lecture title but a very sensible one for day-to-day society.)

The man who spoke was a good speaker and was free flowing while talking. The slides were rather carefully prepared and neatly presented. All that said, the content was VERY biblical, now i cant crib on that, for it is suppose to be that way. I am not complaining either. The man did make some sense in parts but one felt there were quite a few loose ends left. Though he claimed to courageous to speak on such a topic in an educational institution, still he was not expressing the true essence of some of the issues in plain words. One way of looking at it is that, our indian society has been in a framework which may not allow such discussion in public, but when one comes in public to talk on such issues should one really stop oneself from discussing things?

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