Saturday, October 29, 2005

Grooming to Classes

The above is the link to an article by a particular faculty member in IIT Madras. He has tried to voice his views about the new dress code rule enforced by the Administration of Anna University, situated across the road from here.

While there are still people who say such a code should be enforced in our Campus as well, there are some issues which one has to address before any stand is taken. Rolling back a few years, I was sitting in the Big boss' office one fine afternoon while he was asking a few students to voice their choices towards filling up of a very important post in the institute. We, those whose opinions were solicited, had put in black and white the qualities we feel are necessary for the incumbent of the post and also gave some nominations. When we did this, he came back on us saying, u have defined somebody else, why dont u define a student.

It was not an easy job to do. For it is defining one's self, in some sense. Most of my peers to whom the task was set along with me, had left for greener pastures quite soon while I took what was about a semester's time and gave him a rather short 25 page report with some suggestions on it. Though it may sound boasting, it is true that some of them have seen the light of the day. While I was discussing about the report with him, he indicated as to why I should not develop a Student Honour Code that can be enforced.

Now, this was another litmus test. One had to set rules for oneself. Just not that, one had to also set definite punishments for those things mentioned objectionable acts. Not an easy job at all. I was also told that there were a few Weak proposals submitted which were of no use. Also, I was directed to some references which were predominantly those of Catholic Universities in the West. While i did do some priliminary work on this, due to work pressure, it has been the last of my priorities for ages now.

Coming back to the original context of this post, While i was entrusted this work, The first thing that bothered me was a dress code. Should we necessarily have one? The dress code outlined in the universities elsewhere is rather harsh to our conditions. It is acceptable for their society, religion and climate, while it would far from comfort for the average indian student. On our campus, the dress code has never been a serious issue, or so was my perception till recent times. The reasons for me to change my ideas are few incidents were faculty members have been raising categorical remarks about students' dressing sense these and the aforementioned article adds salt to the wounds. It must also be noted that the number of male students going to classes in Half trousers, due to hot and/or wet weather has been on the increase, especially with the new batch of students. The dressing of the fairer sex to classes is beyond the scope of this post as the sample space is too less to come to any inferences.

Is the campus community growing towards a more civilised one or towards a more barbaric one? It may not be unexpected for the law makers here come up with something like their peers across the road at Anna University. What is heartening the attitude of a few of the new faculty who have joined in recent times, some of whom come to teach in half trousers. Also, there was a particular faculty member who commented that "Shirt and Shorts must be made as the uniform for IIT Students. It is only dress code which suits all the indian conditions."

Well, the point is nothing new. There are always people to support any school of thought. What is more applicable to the given society is more to be analysed rather than looking for idealistic solutions from complete uncomparable referenes.

Friday, October 07, 2005

It does irritate at times...

The Day Vikraman wrote me a testimonial on, it struck me on my face the amount of happiness people get in making me feel miserable. Not much of this fact affected me, for i actually had got used to all this from good ol' days of school.

Only remains being some questions which keep haunting like, Is it so enjoyable to have a laugh at the expense of somebody feeling miserable? Can this be done for however long time without any break? Do such things make a difference to the person who is target depending on his/her mindset and temperament? What would such a person enduring this do to react? If he/she does react, Would it not be violent in some cases and can it not be drastic in some occasions? I have myself, out of sheer curiosity done such a thing on somebody else and felt bad for doing so, almost instantaneously. Do such feelings come up for everybody? Isn't everybody equally talented, to different degrees, in one way or other? Should that not be acknowledged?

Well, I can go on listing more closly-related question to this. I have never been able to find solutions to any of these question. I dont hope to find the solutions either.

In fact, i don't even know why i have to write this as a blog entry. I still go on to post it only because I have typed it for the past 15 minutes.

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