Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fuel for Life

Like how you need fuel to run any machine, you need fuel to run your body, which is also a machine in some sense.

Unlike mechanical systems, where on set of systems need a similar kind of fuel, in the case of humans the essential component differs from one to another.

For a typical tamil person there is this thing which is necessary to keep things going. There are exceptional people about whom i am not accounting here. Majority of the Tam-Bram (tamil brahmin) households do have this as the essentiality. One can probably extend this to most brahmins of south india, but the extent to which tamil people are attached is definetely more compared to others.

Lack of this thing can lead to one or more of the following effects viz., headache, nausea, improper bowel movement, loss of temper, loss of sanity, mental imbalances and a lot of other associated ailments.

Some people even live on this, with nothing else at all.

Well i know it is getting painful and boring than exciting as to what this thing is.

Let me tell u, it is called Kaapi. All those of you, who call it coffee, we who call it kaapi couldnt care less for you.


This particular drink is what makes up for my breakfast on most days. A couple of servings can keep you running around till lunch time.

Drinking kaapi isnt recommended to kids at home in a typical brahmin household. So, every ounce of kaapi you get to drink is a treat. Getting two kaapis in the morning is a symbol of a status that you have attained at home. A 'reNDAm kaapi' (second coffee) is defintely not available for most people at home. If you get one at home, then you are very lucky. So, in hostel i make it a point to drink two cups in the morning, just to make myself happy about having 'reNDAm kaapi'.

Why did i post this?
Well, the hindu's metro plus had an article on how to make espresso. Being one of southindia's premier newspapers which operates from Madras, isnt it atrocious on their part to promote an italian variety of coffee while the local one is far better. Basically, i hate any other preparation but for kumbakonam degree kaapi, so i will not accept espresso and cappechino and all that. Personal bias you see.

PS: this is the first post where i have posted a picture directly thro' Personally, i m used to and feel it offers more options in getting a pic up in the web than here.

PPS: putting pic from blogger cupped. back to good old flickr

Friday, May 19, 2006

Spending Money and Girl Friends

Today, while in the middle of a conversation on general topics related with a friend, suddenly he posted me this question.

"what would you do if you are given infinite amount of money and told to spend it in buying stuff for you or otherwise within a specific period of time?"

So, here I was dumbstruck. I dint know what to answer him. For I have never been enountered with such a question before. He went on to give me more ideas. He was asking me things like if i would not buy a good big house, probably one medium sized car, some more luxurious stuff for living and so on and so forth.

I wasnt and am not yet convinced that I would even spend so much money at all. He then went on to counter me saying that may be I had got it in some time-bound lottery or some such thing.

Well actually coming to think of such a situation i would be left clueless. Like i still. Since the time he asked me which was about a couple of hours ago, I dont know what I will do in such a situation. I am still not able to find answers that will satisfy me. It probably is tooo early to come to a conclusion that I cant find answers which would satisfy me. I dont even know how long I would ponder over this topic, let alone finding comfortable answers.

Now coming to the second part of the topic. In between all this talk, like any two guys talking we also spoke of girl friends. I have never had one, in fact, never had an urge to have one. (and for all you not-so-straight thinkers, NO boy friends either) This guy goes on to ask "Why do I not have enthu to have a girl friend?"

This question also had be dumbfolded. why dont I have one? or why did not even bother to try find one? Well, i dont know. Is it the dearth of having good female friends or is it like all the girls i kno(e)w are all still so good that i couldnt think of finding dedicated "girl friends"

well, the answer is again something i dont know if i can find out. well, lets see, time will let me know the answers to such question i suppose.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

SMS bank

Aircel people have now introduced this new thingy called SMS bank, where on "nominal charges" they would store messages for you and u can get them back anytime.

This thing triggered me to actually find out what are the messages on my phone presently.

10 messages from unstored numbers. These are basically there coz if at all i have to contact them, the number is needed, but then, they arent all that important that i should store the numbers.

1 message from Samsung people offering free upgrade to SGH-X200 if i play an win a game on their site.

3 messages from a friend about how he crossed the road and he did not do it the chicken way.

1 rather nice wake-up message which reads "This SMS was born in an attempt to shove your fat $%@ off the bed and pull thou back into the depressing world of reality. May the gods be with it in this quest for eternal glory. PS: reply if u are actually awake."

1 tamil message wishing happy new year

2 messages in "hindi" fonts which dont make sense

15 messages of a conversation with a good friend on his claims that he needs to be treated on a particular thing, while i dint wanna yield to him. 1,2 I did succeed in not treating him. This conversation is waiting to see light as a separate blogpost for months now.

1 message containing 10 rules to be followed by people during the start of a semester.

1 message containing some ayurvedic medical center to get back pain cured.

1 message containing a spoof of a popular deepavali ad which came up for sarees. just that his one had undergarments substituted instead of saree.

1 message with a piece of poetry from a friend which goes as:

I can smell the freedom of freedom in the air again
The skies have become their blue once more
I can hear the youthful songs of birds again
calling to me even as high up in the air they soar
And the lifitng fragrence of daffodils wafts up through the air again
for he is gone now, gone forever
never to come back, salvation, his sould may attain
god bless him, i said, not knowing the import of words so back he came this time as fac ad instead...

11 messages which were replies to an aforementioned converstion vide item number 7 of the former list.

Thats 37 in the Inbox and 11 in the Outbox occupying space of 65 messages on the phone and the sim card. Thankfully i still have some space left to receive and send messages.

Well, very important messages these are that they are there on my phone without being disturbed for ages now.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


'To sweat it out' is very classical english statement usually made in the context of doing hard work.

These days in madras, you work or otherwise, you sweat. Infact on some occasions, u even sweat inside an airconditioned room, thanks to the abnormally high summer heat and humidity.


Whenever i sweat, i m reminded of these huge plant-eating African mammals which are predominantly water living and come out only if necessary. Hippopotamus amphibius as they are scientifically called sweat whenever they are out of water. And what is more important is their sweat is red in colour. So, if u put a hippo out of water for some time then you have a bloody situation to handle.

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