Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Footwear blues

Last week, I had gone to a temple. After having a good darshan, I come out of the temple to not find my footwear. I did search for a good while and eventually came back bare foot. This happened on thursday last.

I hence, went out shopping on saturday morning to get myself a new pair of footwear. After looking around the shop, I had chose to try out two somewhat similar looking pairs and choose one of them. After the trails and other considerations, I chose one and got it billed and brought them back.

Come monday, I open the packet to find that, I have one from each pair packed. I go back to the shop on monday evening only to find that the other "pair" is not traceable and probably sold to somebody else. Now, they both look somewhat similar but not the same. The shopkeeper asks me to come back the next day so that he will arrange for a replacement.

On tuesday evening, I am offered a new pair of the same size and design from a fresh stock, but, that doesnt fit me.

I now have a not-so-fitting pair of footwear and the shopkeeper has the mis-matched pair which he has pledged he would get it replaced with the wholesale dealer or the manufacturer in a day or two.

I am still stuck with dad's spare pair of footwear

eventually, story ended on saturday.

The other mis-matched pair is untraceble. I end up bringing an absolutely different pair of sandals that fit me, for want of better options.

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