Tuesday, February 27, 2007

caught my attention.

as i was rushing out of the bathroom, after my usual bath, this sight caught me.

a spider with one half black in colour and the other half, red, was balancing itself on just one of its 8 legs.

The way it walked was real different as well. It kept doing a zig-zag walk like one of those sine waves. and whenever it stood, it stood on just one leg.

now, is it a property of all spiders or was this one injured or something.

like most other occasions google or wikipedia wasnt of much help on these issues.

Monday, February 12, 2007

an excuse of a post

for some reason, i have a feeling that i havent really written anything on my blog in sometime now. this feeling has been creeping up in my mind for weeks now actually. i dont know why this is happening but i have been feeling that i have completely neglected the existance of my blog for quite a long time. however i dont know it is true or just a feeling i have acquired.

regular readers of this blog page would be able to help me if its a correct feeling or just an illusion.

on a update, there is atleast one idea for a post, if not two. and i shifted from the old blogger to new blogger and i aint a old skool member at flickr anymore.

by george, what an excuse of a post is this?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Saarang 2007

And another edition of the Mother of all culfest just got over. while the festivities were rather toned down compared to that of yesteryears, there essentialities did not loose out.

The main turn-off was the unavailability of the Central Lecture Theatre. It started leaking during the november rains and had to be completely closed for renovation. At the present state of affairs we hope to see back in action only by next semester.

With all the usual hue and cry and with things getting done till the 12th and 13th hour saarang kicked off with a low profile inauguration as all previous years. The first evening had the band Global Rhythms who i am told began with a varNam and then a tillAna and then went to with the show to finish with 'chayya chayya' and 'shakalaka baby'.

All the pro-shows were low key and were dissappointing at times. The events werent as usual. Some of them were boring while others were obscure or tangential to the objective of the event. Some of them were however good and were conducted witht he usual vigour.

On the whole, this saarang was probably one which could have done better in all fronts.

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