Friday, March 25, 2011

office going

It has been a few weeks since one joined a job

The first taste of corporate life has been rather mixed. One isnt particularly happy with everything.

Firstly, the need to wear an ID card always is something one has never been used to and it makes life tough when the ID is needed for anything at work. Starting from entering the building itself to getting a cup of coffee at the cafeteria.

After being used to attending and organising meetings and seminars just for the tea and the snacks, and on some occasions even lunch and dinner, it is rather surprising and boring to be sitting thro' pointless and sleepy meeting with nothing at all.

It is good that one is able to go to work early in the morning and come home for a late lunch. Thus, one has half a day for pursuing other activities and interests.

It is totally unappreciative to see security guards acting as if they are the bosses.

However, job isnt strenous and demanding for now. Hence, it is ok. lets see where it goes from here and when

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