Saturday, December 01, 2007

a new low!

after the long queue to sign up, one entered the mess hall this morning to find cold and rubbery rava dosas with boiling dal and stinking onion chutney for side-dish. once i was done with swallowing the stuff to keep me going for the next few hours, i headed to the plate-dropping area. The surprise was in store. A sign board in telugu, with the english translation saying 'please put the cups and spoons and plates in appropriate containers'.

This is new level.

It is assumed that everybody who enters does have a rock-bottom basic knowledge of english. They have passed the entrance exam in english medium. With the recent introduction of 'English For Academic Purposes' (which unfortunately only teaches people who already know the language and people who are dumb, continue to be) the need for telugu sign boards is just disgusting.

Sooner than later, the lingua franca would be changed i guess.

I am not biased against people who speak telugu or the language. It is also fine with putting notices in vernacular by individual ethnic groups for their social activities though an english notice there would make them more visible. however i m appalled by the usage in public facilities giving instructions for usage, while the english literacy is supposed to be 100%

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