Monday, October 01, 2007

The Pleasure is mine...

After a faithful relationship, just short of 7 years, we are forced to separate.

There was nothing which ever went wrong between us. I knew that I was exploiting her from the first day to the last day and she knew she was exploited. Yet, i never bothered and she never complained.

Almost everyday, i would push to the limits at least once, if not many times, and she has always obliged and delivered the best she could. We had widely traveled together and even done some otherwise scary stuff rather frequently. Yet, she was always with me. Many of our endeavours have been at unholy hours, at obscure places and even damaging, still she was always with me.

It was not that i dint take care of her. I did. In fact, i was more particular about her wellness than anybody else would. I never hesitated to get something she wanted. We did have a good relationship and nice rhythm working. I always the relationship would never end and i could have her for myself forever.

Like all good things, this also comes to an end. And this is sudden. In fact, very sudden. Probably an over night decision, about with both of us had no clue, nor did we think about it. It was not our decision either. It was just told to us. Though we could have resisted, we dint. Did we see it coming, in our inner minds? Did we not like each other? Or did we just not have the courage to stop the decision?

Well, the answer to these questions are better left not thought about.

However, the bottomline is that, my companion for 7 years is not going to be with me anymore.

And now, the pleasure is mine.

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