Friday, September 24, 2004

Mor on G Mode

The time period to which the G mode spans is usually very very unpredictable. Some people are on G mode from the time they take the first cry to Grave while some people periodically get in and out of there.

These periodic people also are of more varieties. There are ppl who stay on G mode for very long durations of time and there are others who stay on G mode for moderately long durations, there are people who are on G mode for short and very short durations also...

How one defines these time intervals is relative and varies from one person to another. What is ultra short for me may be way tooo long for somebody else. Be that all as it may, when one is in G mode, there is nothing useful that is done. This actually hinders progress in life in any general sense and hence staying on G mode is shady...

ppl on G mode should get out of there asap...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The G Mode

I m blogging after a fairly huge gap and also on a personally painful topic.

The G Mode

The G mode as it is abbriviated is a typical state of mind and a way of living which people follow. Though one calls this an abbreviation, obviously only the letter G needs to be expanded to get the full form.

This is the form of life when you are physically present but actually otherwise useless. You go to class but your presence is of no use to you or otherwise. This also includes crashing in class bigtime.

The G mode also includes a particularly important trait which helps in water conservations. When one stays on the G mode, one is completely allergic to the use of this particularly hazardous chemical which has one oxygen and two hydrogen only per molecule. It is normal in this mode to chase lesser mortals away without the use of any external modes, just odour would suffice.

Let me not elaborate more for now.

The time span when one stays on the G mode differs due to various reasons and needs a separate blog to discuss it. so later

thats it for now...

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Ultimate Answer...

The Second blog of today...

The ultimate answere to anything should be found here, if one goes by the title...

I know there are no answers at all, yet, in this page. There is a begining to everything. I have also just beginned afresh. so answers would all come in due course of time.

The first answer being why should one blog.

The Ultimate answer to this is just to kill time. Just to write vaatever one wants to.

One cannot deny that there are other small benefits like development of vocabulary, grammar, writing skill and so on. Be that all as it may, one can just write any crap and thats the ultimate use of blog.

Now, there are more aspects one has to look for. One blogs just to vomit all one's feelings. Who reads blogs is the thing which will answer the question why one should blog. Now, if your special dude and/or dame is gonna read it then you better be good in writing your blog.

Else you can put whatsoever you want and get away with it if only some unconsequential lesser mortals are gonna read it.

Thus one can come to a "vague" conclusion that blogging though actually is useless in all ways helps only in petty things like improoving language skills and killing time.

thats it now...

Monday Morning

It is too shady to write a blog on monday morning. This is when you are expected to do some work. that is of course, if at all one does any.

To write a blog on a monday morning shows how jobless one can be in life. Of course, one may project a different image than what one is, but that is only in exceptional cases. Not many people have two images. One could actually be a totally different personality in reality but would project oneself to be a something else. All of this is possible esp. when you are in the likes of indian cinema villians.

Now coming back to blogging on monday morning. Well monday mornings are usually very draggy. After an usual louzy sunday, and a sound sleep. Monday morning is the one thing which every other homo sapien on the face of mom earth hates. Invariably most junta are late on monday mornings. To work on monday morning, is expected out of you. For you should be fresh with ideas and enthu to do some work after the weekend break. Actually, facts would proove otherwise. Monday mornings should be gloomy and would be less productive than anyother session of the week.

If one tries to find out which part of the week would be more productive, it should be easily some time mid week only. Early week you are still not out of the weekend mood and towards the end of the week one has to get ready to take the weekend break. Hence Wednesdays should be the most productive.

Which means one should not be expected to work on monday morning much. So, blogging on monday morning is not all that shady i guess.

And I do know thats the limit...

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Back with Pain

Well I have been trying to sit up and write something in fact do some work for once in life, but slaisha the problem is back.

How do i get rid of it is what i dont know. but i have to get rid of it for i can not do with it.

when this comes i am down and out completely cant do a thing. Will have to stop every other god damn thing for this. But, one cant do that way. How does one get rid of every god damn thing one has to do. The work, the extra work one takes up, the extra work one is shoved upon, the work you cant get away sans doing, the work you do reluctantly, the work you anyway dont do at all. How does one get rid of all this?

Then, when the problem is back, how does one do work? how could one manage without getting rid of work?

this is getting to painful... i know

more painful than the one back.

so lemme stop right here.

hope fully the pain back will subside soon...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

At last found my id and password

i m infested with this disease of forgetting the id and password to any site i register. blogspot being no exception. So, like anyother instance i forgot my id and password which i had given while i registered at blogspot.

With great difficulty, i found what my blog was called.

Later, with much greater difficulty, i remembered which email id i had given while registering and at the end of it all found my id and password. i hope to remember it henceforth to post. but of coz one has to find time to blog u know...

i m quite busy and dont find time...


Monday, September 06, 2004

The First Blog

This is my first post in this blog.

First of all, basically i have no clue as to what to write here now. so I will start writing on things later...

thats it for now...

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