Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The various 'pathy's

I have developed this "viral" infection which caused a few ruptures all thro' my face. History would reveal the fact that i had to shave off my moustache because of this a couple of weeks ago. And most of my wing mates have been telling me that this new look is far better than what i used to look, so presently contemplating on shaving moustache always.

Back to where i started, this infection has been causing a lot of problems. I have to go to this Dermaetologist almost every odd and even saturday and get a spray called cryo-canter sprayed all over my face. This spray thing causes a lot of pain and burning sensation and goes to make all the affected parts to turn brown to eventually dry up and fall off. The pain is that, it leaves a huge scar on the face which makes the face look all the more ugly. What is more painful is that, these scars generate a second generation of dried patches which dont fall off unless one just pulls it out.

What caused this is a mystery. My mom believes it is the new brand of shaving cream which i used while my dad believes it is the homeopathy medicine which i take for the past one-and-half years to cure the well known hair-loss problem of mine. The doctor being the most diplomatic in her words, says one does not know what the other schools of medicine so and do stop the other treatments till i finish my course. She also went on prescribe a particular ointment which costs not less than 300 bucks for a quarter gram and has to be procured from the land which ruled our country for three-and-half centuries.

The homeopathic consultant who gives her course on hair-loss says that their medicines to not hinder but enhance immunity and hence one should not stop their medicines. After which she adds that the allopathic school of medicine is the one which has a lot of side-effects and one should stop it immediately and get treated for this infection also in homeopathy.

One is presently left in a dilemma as to choose what and take which course. coming to think of it, fighting between both of these, one is far safer to live with the scars. I just am hoping that my people do not find a naturopathist or some other practitioner of yet another school of medicine to treat one/all of the these and other unknown ailments which are their in the body...

Macha...nice post. Might i recommend that you stop all medicines immediately and instead go on a top quality nutritious diet consisting of thair saadam, bananas and almonds. That way...even if your problems get can atleast say that you ate well.
once again da...
it is true that in a country like ours, with such an amalgamation of cultures, and the need to keep up with international standards, there is such a wide choice and even conflict among different ways of doing the same thing. the problem is the same with medicine. but it would be wise to stick to one form of practice and see how it works on a long term basis. if it doesn't work, obviously you would have to switch. the bottom line is that all these medicines have been designed on a purely statistical basis, ie on the basis of results on n individuals. there is always the the chance that they might not work on one particular person.
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