Friday, October 07, 2005

It does irritate at times...

The Day Vikraman wrote me a testimonial on, it struck me on my face the amount of happiness people get in making me feel miserable. Not much of this fact affected me, for i actually had got used to all this from good ol' days of school.

Only remains being some questions which keep haunting like, Is it so enjoyable to have a laugh at the expense of somebody feeling miserable? Can this be done for however long time without any break? Do such things make a difference to the person who is target depending on his/her mindset and temperament? What would such a person enduring this do to react? If he/she does react, Would it not be violent in some cases and can it not be drastic in some occasions? I have myself, out of sheer curiosity done such a thing on somebody else and felt bad for doing so, almost instantaneously. Do such feelings come up for everybody? Isn't everybody equally talented, to different degrees, in one way or other? Should that not be acknowledged?

Well, I can go on listing more closly-related question to this. I have never been able to find solutions to any of these question. I dont hope to find the solutions either.

In fact, i don't even know why i have to write this as a blog entry. I still go on to post it only because I have typed it for the past 15 minutes.

Well, I'd the testimonial in question, I was appalled, and was amazed you let the thing be. Bump the goddamn testi(!) off, show the finger to the guy. All you lose is a guy who has pretensions to your friendship.

hmm..Bharathji...i look at these things in a different manner .. i aint sure if its the rite approach..but still this is wat i think and i follow....
when a person, very effectively hurts it intentionally or in the spur of the moment....
its up to us to take it or leave it .. when u take it ..needless thoughts creep in!
while...when u acept it as a spur of the moment thought.. be happy he has cme out with his thoughts and forget the words and the incident!
i m not sure if i m rite ..
but it has alwazz worked for me!
after readin dis post i saw de testimonial.. and i don tink u shld hav accepted it if u wer to post abt it here... and had u not posted dis, i tink ur aceptin de testimonial is fair.. doesnt accepting it n posting abt it sound contrary?? and assuming vikraman is your friend are you not doing injustice 2 him? wat he did 2 u is a diferent matter al2gether.. so i think dis post n de testimonial are totally absurd..
have had similar questions... and like you said, sometimes getting back makes you feel bad, too.

i sometimes wonder:

doesnt keeping quiet make them feel that u r vulnerable and anyone can say anything to u...?

on the other hand, speaking up, like u said, could get drastic, violent, emotional...

none suits for emotional fools like myself!

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