Monday, February 12, 2007

an excuse of a post

for some reason, i have a feeling that i havent really written anything on my blog in sometime now. this feeling has been creeping up in my mind for weeks now actually. i dont know why this is happening but i have been feeling that i have completely neglected the existance of my blog for quite a long time. however i dont know it is true or just a feeling i have acquired.

regular readers of this blog page would be able to help me if its a correct feeling or just an illusion.

on a update, there is atleast one idea for a post, if not two. and i shifted from the old blogger to new blogger and i aint a old skool member at flickr anymore.

by george, what an excuse of a post is this?

I wonder why it took google so long to get the new features working.. wordpress had it for quite some time
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