Saturday, September 11, 2004

Back with Pain

Well I have been trying to sit up and write something in fact do some work for once in life, but slaisha the problem is back.

How do i get rid of it is what i dont know. but i have to get rid of it for i can not do with it.

when this comes i am down and out completely cant do a thing. Will have to stop every other god damn thing for this. But, one cant do that way. How does one get rid of every god damn thing one has to do. The work, the extra work one takes up, the extra work one is shoved upon, the work you cant get away sans doing, the work you do reluctantly, the work you anyway dont do at all. How does one get rid of all this?

Then, when the problem is back, how does one do work? how could one manage without getting rid of work?

this is getting to painful... i know

more painful than the one back.

so lemme stop right here.

hope fully the pain back will subside soon...

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