Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sadhu miranda...

"Sadhu Miranda.." this it the title of a tamil movie i watched a few weeks back. We had guests at home and for want of a better thing to do, we made our way to the theatre most easily travellable from home to find this movie being screened. we did watch it.

It is a usual revenge story. hero taking revenge for the murder of his sister by the villian and his gang by acting dumb and forging and all the other usual means to get to his goal. Eventually substantiating all this deeds to that fact that he had to take revenge for what was done to his sister and blah blah...

However the movie was quite thrilling and made well actually. i dint get bored at all.

for those who can understand tamil and have a couple of hours or so to kill, go watch it.

PS: for those who wonder what "sadhu miranda" means, it is approximated translated as "what if an innocent guy is agitated?" in english.

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