Thursday, March 27, 2008

Should we celebrate hostel night???

Disclaimer: This is one of those posts where i m going to be a little harsh about some things and people. Anybody who has cribs with anything in this piece, are requested to either skip those parts and/or read and stay quiet.

Yesterday night, there was this notice on the notice board which said "Junta, Final meeting to decide on Hostel Night Theme. 10 pm at common room. All final years junta are requested to come." signed by the Lit-Sec and Soc-Sec.

Probably it was interpreted by people that only final years were called, at 10 pm there were about 25-30 final year junta and the two people who signed, present. Nobody else from the hostel, including the secretaries (finishing his term or elected for next year) was available. Later, one or two of them made an appearance and left.

However, discussions were on. At the end of about an hour and half, a few suggestions were made to the Lit-Sec (by then the Soc-Sec was missing also)

At half past midnight, somebody knocks my door to wake me from deep thought, saying the gen sec has just arrived and can there be a meeting to discuss stuff. And this bloke wants to convince me for something i wouldn't accept. They want me to accept that a DJ is very important and has to happen for 2 hours at hostel night. Left to me, i wouldn't have a DJ at all, but why should i be convinced for having one? whats the point in convincing me?

Does one have to necessarily celebrate hostel night with such people around?

PS: On second thoughts, it looks like this post is rather less derogatory than what i wanted it to be. I think its ok to be subtle also, at times...

suthamma purayila!

kindly elaborate... are you pained with the specific narmad stuff or general about the concept of hostel nite?
presently, with narmad stuff...

otherwise, in general with things like the level of grub, the amount of noise etc...
thats ok man...dear bhaand you tend to forget that times have changed ..hostel nights mostly now are reasons for people to have a dj and the importance of passing outs has slowly diminished from the whole system as such...but i guess the present fourth years should not crib..they are getting a dose of their own medicine
Agree with you. But this probably has something to do with the fact that most of the juniors are not really interested in giving a farewell to the seniors? And yes, I do think that you were less harsh/derogatory than you should have been, considering what's been happening.
lite ra mama.. :) let's enjoy it for what its worth.. we make the moments ourselves.. :)
The entire concept of hostel nite is fart... especially considering that most people would be starting their BTP at this time...They can go sit in their room and do BTP than waste time on such things...
dear thala...
how is btp connected with hostel night i fail to understand..mostly it just gives your narrow point of view..maybe you are one of those who just sit inside in your room all the time fretting about that decimal point increase in your cgpa...get a life dude...anyway btps dont amount to it is just a waste of time
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