Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I tamed her!

She has been here for a long time...

I kept seeing her for a long time. i dont know what she thought of me. nor did i care for her him. And on one fine day, he left her. and since he left, she has been there alone, all by herself and one fine day i decided to take her.

she had no clue about what was coming. As she was there, i went around and started to first stare at her. She was dirty and wasn't really in her best. Well, i dint mind. i went on to first wipe the dirt at some parts and then slowly i began to caress her. she did not react. Was she happy with it? I had no clue. However, i had crossed the point of no return.

I decided to go ahead and feel her up and fill her up and ride on her. As i started to go for it, it was a little not-so-smooth, come on she has not been used that way for a while since he left. however, over time she began to get smoother and cooperative.

And soon, i was nearing the end but she wasnt. I had reached and wanted to stop, she was in no mood. she was getting faster and taking me deeper and deeper. what do i do? How do i stop, i cant hold on and i dont know how to stop her either. All my methods and tricks failed to work. There was a deep plunge.. and i closed my eyes.

I could not control her anymore. she was controlling me. I let her have whatever she wanted. and took a deep breadth. I was getting ready for anything to come. It wasnt very long but, those moments were scary and i cant tell you how i was feeling.

However, there were suddenly a couple of bumps. I immediately opened by eyes and realised the situation. She was going to fall and take me along and it might be a problem. In no time, i took over and did a balancing act. We were both safe. She looked sorry and i could understand. And successfully she was tamed.

I gave her some stuff she needed and she is now mine. Life goes on!

Before you people get into other thoughts, let me clarify. This is the story of how I tamed Leftit's cycle. And the brakes had failed.

Bhaandu, it's brakes.
And, from the start, I was so hoping that it was Snehalatha Reddy :-) (and that still is a distinct possibility)
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