Wednesday, August 27, 2008

absent minded ness.

This is something i have become of conscious off. I have been growing increasingly absent minded and forgetting to do, even very important things at times. There have been very many incidents in the past i would want to quote, however this one is a class apart.

Last week, I was getting ready to go to a wedding reception and was in a hurry getting ready. I was to go home from the wedding and hence was getting my bags done. I took my bags and went to my vehicle. Opened its storage space below the seat. Left all my bags and the keys of the vehicle and closed the seat. It got locked automatically. I started walking back to the hostel and then started searching for my keys.

I walked back to my vehicle, feeling up all my pockets and not finding them keys to the vehicle. It is then did i realise, it could be inside the storage chamber. Though I wasnt sure that I left it there, I couldnt find it anywhere in the vehicle, or in my pockets or on the road. Hence, it must be inside the storage chamber only.

I tried requesting a few others in the area to lend their keys, so that I could if it helps. No lucks. It essentially meant i take a bus to the main gate, and then a bus or train home, find a spare key and then get back to the institute with a spare keys and then hope my original keys are inside the storage chamber of the vehicle. Well, i did take the long trip and i did find the keys inside the chamber.

It essentially meant, I had to skip the reception that day and ended attending the wedding itself in the morning, and i eat Dinner at hostel and not outside, as i was expecting, and most of all, I have start to even more believe that I am growing a lot more absent minded.

PS: I have been thinking of writing this post for a while. but kept forgetting till today. And i was going to blog on something else as well, which i forgot now.

Bhaand, remember who this is? :P
ledhu.. i dont... :P
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