Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday Morning

It is too shady to write a blog on monday morning. This is when you are expected to do some work. that is of course, if at all one does any.

To write a blog on a monday morning shows how jobless one can be in life. Of course, one may project a different image than what one is, but that is only in exceptional cases. Not many people have two images. One could actually be a totally different personality in reality but would project oneself to be a something else. All of this is possible esp. when you are in the likes of indian cinema villians.

Now coming back to blogging on monday morning. Well monday mornings are usually very draggy. After an usual louzy sunday, and a sound sleep. Monday morning is the one thing which every other homo sapien on the face of mom earth hates. Invariably most junta are late on monday mornings. To work on monday morning, is expected out of you. For you should be fresh with ideas and enthu to do some work after the weekend break. Actually, facts would proove otherwise. Monday mornings should be gloomy and would be less productive than anyother session of the week.

If one tries to find out which part of the week would be more productive, it should be easily some time mid week only. Early week you are still not out of the weekend mood and towards the end of the week one has to get ready to take the weekend break. Hence Wednesdays should be the most productive.

Which means one should not be expected to work on monday morning much. So, blogging on monday morning is not all that shady i guess.

And I do know thats the limit...

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