Tuesday, March 15, 2005

me back...

After a rather long gap, i m putting a blog on particularly nothing. Well i do have a plethora of things i wish to blog on, starting from
a. how my Doctoral Committee has been getting postponed for the nth time to
b. my having developed a infitisimally small amount of enthu to do research to
c. my number of orkut friends crossing my room number to
d. how the open quiz happened to
e. how i ended up shouting at almost everybody in due course of organising to
f. my cousins' engagements to
g. the number of people i have to wish while walking on any particular corridor to
h. having found a comp-version of scrabble to
i. putting a blog for the sake of it
and so on...

hope to find enthu and time to write blogs...

well what about walking in the swimming pool? LOL
welcome back dude
Once upon a time (read as till about a dozen days ago) i use to walk around the pool and move in the direction of the push i get from the wall. Presently, i have slaisha improved and can actually move in water for quite some distance (read as half of the breadth of the shallow area of IITM Swimming pool)

I dont walk anymore...
bhaand swimming? lol
bhaand! get your spellings right!
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