Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My ray of hope

Ah another blog with no idea what to write, but want to put something on blog, so here it goes.

My Doctoral Committee met yesterday morning to review the "progress" of my research. I was happy that it met after some so-many rounds of postponements since almost a month now. I was quite tensed for the amount of research i have been doing offlate is not something i dont wish to speculate on. I did put a slaisha decent looking report which was actually filled with what one could define in two words and described as the excretary waste of a male belonging to the bovine species. The meeting was not all the painful, but for the fact that all the panelists just kept re-iterating that i should do research with more commitment and conviction and seriousness and wanted "good progress" to be visible by the next time they meet. Even my Research Supervisor who was not so happy with me till just beyond the meeting, came to my rescue at the meeting and had later told the same thing with more vigour and a lot moral advice. Hopefully will do research hence...

I could tell you to start working with more commitment and conviction but I usually only preach what I practise...;).
You get to work !!!
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