Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fuel for Life

Like how you need fuel to run any machine, you need fuel to run your body, which is also a machine in some sense.

Unlike mechanical systems, where on set of systems need a similar kind of fuel, in the case of humans the essential component differs from one to another.

For a typical tamil person there is this thing which is necessary to keep things going. There are exceptional people about whom i am not accounting here. Majority of the Tam-Bram (tamil brahmin) households do have this as the essentiality. One can probably extend this to most brahmins of south india, but the extent to which tamil people are attached is definetely more compared to others.

Lack of this thing can lead to one or more of the following effects viz., headache, nausea, improper bowel movement, loss of temper, loss of sanity, mental imbalances and a lot of other associated ailments.

Some people even live on this, with nothing else at all.

Well i know it is getting painful and boring than exciting as to what this thing is.

Let me tell u, it is called Kaapi. All those of you, who call it coffee, we who call it kaapi couldnt care less for you.


This particular drink is what makes up for my breakfast on most days. A couple of servings can keep you running around till lunch time.

Drinking kaapi isnt recommended to kids at home in a typical brahmin household. So, every ounce of kaapi you get to drink is a treat. Getting two kaapis in the morning is a symbol of a status that you have attained at home. A 'reNDAm kaapi' (second coffee) is defintely not available for most people at home. If you get one at home, then you are very lucky. So, in hostel i make it a point to drink two cups in the morning, just to make myself happy about having 'reNDAm kaapi'.

Why did i post this?
Well, the hindu's metro plus had an article on how to make espresso. Being one of southindia's premier newspapers which operates from Madras, isnt it atrocious on their part to promote an italian variety of coffee while the local one is far better. Basically, i hate any other preparation but for kumbakonam degree kaapi, so i will not accept espresso and cappechino and all that. Personal bias you see.

PS: this is the first post where i have posted a picture directly thro' Personally, i m used to and feel it offers more options in getting a pic up in the web than here.

PPS: putting pic from blogger cupped. back to good old flickr

i am not too sure how many have "by-2-coffee" today. is it a thing of past? with people growing 'richer', those days are gone. every one has his own cup of coffee.....btw, i rearly have coffee, prefer tea but thats also rear, mostly at home.
shank, slaish i dont feel full even with two cups at times da. half is never enough.
very true, degree kaapi rocks:)
Ob filter kaapi is ishtudd!!!
i hate you for putting this bloody post da.
have been living without a drop of that thingy for the last five months.
was taking like eight cups per day before that.

coffee is man's second greatest creation.
Rendaam kaapi! Howcome you didn't write about your great grandfather(was it?) who used to drink a litre of coffee? - the milk fresh from the cow and undiluted, coffee freshly ground from beans in that table-attached machine.
Kaapi is *the* thing in Madras you can't live without.
By the way, who does that laptop belong to?
try substituting kaapi by vodka and tell me the effect in a seperate article da...
krishna and rahul, of coz da.

naresh, nobody stops u from drinking kaapi da. u can start again. btw, what is the first greatest creation?

mahesh, i have search the site from where i found the pic. google prolly could be of some help.

randi, this is for u.
Never really liked the coffee being served in mess. The one they give in Gurunath is much better and of course the black coffee that I make for myself is _the best_ :)

I always prefer tea in mess! And I thought junta preferred tea!!
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