Friday, May 19, 2006

Spending Money and Girl Friends

Today, while in the middle of a conversation on general topics related with a friend, suddenly he posted me this question.

"what would you do if you are given infinite amount of money and told to spend it in buying stuff for you or otherwise within a specific period of time?"

So, here I was dumbstruck. I dint know what to answer him. For I have never been enountered with such a question before. He went on to give me more ideas. He was asking me things like if i would not buy a good big house, probably one medium sized car, some more luxurious stuff for living and so on and so forth.

I wasnt and am not yet convinced that I would even spend so much money at all. He then went on to counter me saying that may be I had got it in some time-bound lottery or some such thing.

Well actually coming to think of such a situation i would be left clueless. Like i still. Since the time he asked me which was about a couple of hours ago, I dont know what I will do in such a situation. I am still not able to find answers that will satisfy me. It probably is tooo early to come to a conclusion that I cant find answers which would satisfy me. I dont even know how long I would ponder over this topic, let alone finding comfortable answers.

Now coming to the second part of the topic. In between all this talk, like any two guys talking we also spoke of girl friends. I have never had one, in fact, never had an urge to have one. (and for all you not-so-straight thinkers, NO boy friends either) This guy goes on to ask "Why do I not have enthu to have a girl friend?"

This question also had be dumbfolded. why dont I have one? or why did not even bother to try find one? Well, i dont know. Is it the dearth of having good female friends or is it like all the girls i kno(e)w are all still so good that i couldnt think of finding dedicated "girl friends"

well, the answer is again something i dont know if i can find out. well, lets see, time will let me know the answers to such question i suppose.

The question should in my case be rephrased as, why should I need a girl with whom I talk so artificially, than, someone with whom I can share my candid thoughts and expressions.

Of course friends of fairer sex are good to have, but I am not sure about girl friends of the kind that we see around. Serious relationships might come by, and the better thing to do is to wait than jump into making stupid committments
you should have asnwered, "if you really wanna know how i would spend the money, gimme the cash, i will show you" ;)
Go get a girlfiend, da - the money-spending problem will take care of itself.:P.
amen to shamanth's comment!

spending cash and girlfriends dont happen after putting a lot of thought da. they just happen and then you kick yourself... :P

read my post and put comment!
Better get your blood testosterone levels checked da.. Something's majorly wrong over there!!..
i can relate to it eh.. but you may not find 'comfortable' answers down this alley
sreejith, slaish i thought the post was in that kind of a tone only. wasnt it?

shankar, what an answer. i couldnt even think of this to tell him.

shamanth, i know that. personal experience is it?

naresh, ob everything in life happens suddenly. i know you are kicking urself.

ajit, it is always fine. I am only keeping a low profile.

cumonlinux, ob u can relate to it. I dont hope to find answers anywhere, that was not the purpose of the blog.
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