Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Madras Skyline - Next Part

A couple of days ago, i happen to attend a seminar in the Humanities Dept by none other than Sri S Muthaiah himself, about Madras and its contribution to the growth of mordern India.

He spoke of the City's growth and also it being the seat of the growth for the development of india. Madras was the first permanent settlement of the Britishers in india. It is from here that most things started. The first engineering college of the country, The surveyor's school is what later became the College of Engineering, Guindy and eventually the Anna University. The Madras University was one of the first 3 universities in the country. The Madras Crafts College was the first college of fine arts in the country. Fort St George was the first Fort built by the British in india. Though we might attribute all these to the british, Sri Muthaiah reiterated that though started by the british, all these had a strong indian presence in all forms and the Indians and were regarded very high. He listed very many things to support his claim that madras was teh seat of growth for mordern india.

Coming to the part i was more interested in. The buildings which he showed.

Regular readers of my blog would remember the following two posts from the past.

Madras Skyline

Madras Skyline - Part 2

Sri Muthaiah mentioned some more buildings. Here are some of them i could recollect.

The GPO building - opposite to beach station. thankfully savoured by the Department of Posts.

The Dare house - A corporate house. Hence, the owners have realised the value of this building and maintained it well.

The madras Collectorate - Which has been pulled down and a sick looking structure is in its place.

The Spencers - The old super market was destroyed in fire. it could been renovated, however they choose to build the new mall.

The Garden House - It is in saidapet. The garden is lost, however the building remains as such and some old couple are resisting from moving out of there.

The DPI campus - on college road. It was a highly regarded school

The Bharath Insurance Building - owned by LIC. facing demolition anytime soon.

PS: not able to find pics on net.

i met mr mutthiah for my kaapi work before saarang 2006 .... seemed very knowledgeable, but very serious
Hi Bharath, how are you doing? Nice info about Chennai. Take care. Viji
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