Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another Ad

This is presently the 4th month of most indian calenders. It is called 'ADi' in tamil. i dont know what other calenders refer to it.

It is considered an auspicious month of doing religious rites, worshipping the Divine Goddess in all her forms. Most temples of the Devi, have month long festivals going on. Also, Saints of Hindu Religious Mutts go on special poojas. However, it is not considered good for doing a wedding or house warming or even changing a rented house and all such activities.

It is also the month when almost every shop in the city, comes up with discounts ranging from 5% to even 70% by some people. Also, they shower tons of free gifts on all customers. Already low-cost shops, also reduce the price. There are even beliefs that some of these shops might pay you some money, if u take some of their commodities.

It is also quite understandable that these shops get rid of all the old stock they have stuck in their godowns for ages.

Be that all as it may, Why am i making all this noise on my blog now? why would any reader of the blog have interests in knowing all this? what on earth is the connection between the title and the post?

Yesterday wasnt a particularly nice day. I had to spend one hour trying to cross a, otherwise empty free moving, 3 km stretch, right outside our campus. Thanks to the Chief Minister laying the foundation to some part elsewhere in the city, all the city's traffic was here on this road.

Well, i m not testing ur patience anymore. i can see you just waiting to hit me.

At the end of this stretch, is a set a billboards. One of these boards was displaying the ad of a Popular Cloth Store in the city. I was particularly interested to have a look, coz it the place we do our shopping at home. And we have always found it a very nice place and having a collection which suits our tastes.

Now, coming to the ad. This is what it says.

kaNNAl kANbadu poi
kAdhAl kETpadu poi
thIra visArippadu mei

thodarndhu 52 ANDugaLAga ADi thaLLupaDiyinRi

Kumaran Silks

which roughly translates into

dont believe what u see
dont believe what u hear
belive only after through examination

Since 52 years, without aadi discounts.

Kumaran Silks

I have one more reason to visit the shop now. The courage and audacity of the shop owners is much commendable. While, every other competitor around is making tall claims of gifting the moon with a spoon, here is a shop which proudly says that they dont give any discounts.

The quality of the goods they sell and the crowds and the always full car parking area, stand testimony to the shop.

PS: This, is a post, i have written for my blog after quite a while. so, there might be migrations in style and also, the inherent lack of grammar would be lot more apparent.

nice .... but i doubt if anyine takes it seriously
Hi, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs, thanks!
Hmm, interesting. But will appeal only to the classes, not the masses.
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