Thursday, April 01, 2010

The End Begins!

After all, my stay at IIT seems to be coming to an end.

I gave my Pre-Thesis Seminar yesterday evening and it went off peacefully. I can now write and submit my thesis asap.

This marks the formal beginning of the process of finishing Ph D in campus :)

Will I miss IITM? i dont know..
Will IITM miss me? m guessing it shouldnt..

April Fools eh? :P

Congrats :)
We hope you get out soon!

(Oddly that just doesn't sound odd when said to you :D )
The end of an era? All the best swamin! :)
im going with April Fools funda ;)
I remember telling you long ago that we shall be doing this together! ;)

Now we are the 2010 passouts... thanks for the company!
kelambu kelambu....kathu varattum... :)
Congrats Bhaand!
ennadhu?! :D
congrats da! what are your plans after this? please dont say you ar becoming prof at iitm :)
End of an era... where next?
Very happy to hear the news da! Congrats da! Where to next?
for your benefit visit:
Will IITM miss me? Only Bhaand can ask such a question.
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