Friday, September 04, 2009

Sarcasm, or the lack of it.

Sarcasm is something which has to come by practice and it needs all the more practice to be able to catch and appreciate it.

The following is a set of dialogues involving some friends/wingmates told at various points of time, arranged chronologically...

S to me: did u know A is a stud. some of his status messages are just too good.

S to me: u heard A's latest one-liner, "the only place to think in chennai is Bangalore"

S to me: Saw A's status. "my musically challenged neighbour is playing on the electric drill"

R in general: I dont know how whatever A does, becomes news!

me to S: did u know, A took bath in cold water today...

Lol Maxxxx dude..
adu eppadi kandupudicha ??
'The only place to DRINK in Chennai is Bangalore'. I read this yesterday :P
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