Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The G Mode

I m blogging after a fairly huge gap and also on a personally painful topic.

The G Mode

The G mode as it is abbriviated is a typical state of mind and a way of living which people follow. Though one calls this an abbreviation, obviously only the letter G needs to be expanded to get the full form.

This is the form of life when you are physically present but actually otherwise useless. You go to class but your presence is of no use to you or otherwise. This also includes crashing in class bigtime.

The G mode also includes a particularly important trait which helps in water conservations. When one stays on the G mode, one is completely allergic to the use of this particularly hazardous chemical which has one oxygen and two hydrogen only per molecule. It is normal in this mode to chase lesser mortals away without the use of any external modes, just odour would suffice.

Let me not elaborate more for now.

The time span when one stays on the G mode differs due to various reasons and needs a separate blog to discuss it. so later

thats it for now...

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