Monday, September 13, 2004

The Ultimate Answer...

The Second blog of today...

The ultimate answere to anything should be found here, if one goes by the title...

I know there are no answers at all, yet, in this page. There is a begining to everything. I have also just beginned afresh. so answers would all come in due course of time.

The first answer being why should one blog.

The Ultimate answer to this is just to kill time. Just to write vaatever one wants to.

One cannot deny that there are other small benefits like development of vocabulary, grammar, writing skill and so on. Be that all as it may, one can just write any crap and thats the ultimate use of blog.

Now, there are more aspects one has to look for. One blogs just to vomit all one's feelings. Who reads blogs is the thing which will answer the question why one should blog. Now, if your special dude and/or dame is gonna read it then you better be good in writing your blog.

Else you can put whatsoever you want and get away with it if only some unconsequential lesser mortals are gonna read it.

Thus one can come to a "vague" conclusion that blogging though actually is useless in all ways helps only in petty things like improoving language skills and killing time.

thats it now...

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