Sunday, April 03, 2005

The two incidents...

Last night, while walking on a rather dark corridor, half dressed, the members of the latest ultimate fart gang, viz a good friend,another good friend, the metroseksual guy and the sentimental guy (i am tempted to call them the other and the yetanother good friend, but alas they are patented for the other and the yetanother friend)*, questioned if i was walking in the nude and even after i wore a Tshirt over the shorts refused to believe that i was were clothing below my waist till i had to go right next to them and proove it... After all, people in narmad are turning to the true colour (read as pink)

The second was that, tak and Fu were walking from somewhere to elsewhere when a unidentified person addressed Fu by my name first and then by all the known names of mine. Tak was LOHAROFing while Fu was shit pained, i am told. After all who on earth would be happy to be associated to a bald dumb charecter who all his life has done nothing useful.

On hearing this, i am quite happy that there still are people in IITM who dont know me...

* dont worry if you dont understand this part. Thats for the big friend to understand

It really did look as if you were roaming the hostel naked... (the horror ...the horror...:P)
Shucks, I missed it. Bhaand looking like he's naked would be perhaps better than him naked - I dont know if I would be able to stand the sight of the latter.

Ah well, this friend ain't as big as he's made out to be. But nice, Bhaand, to see you keeping up traditions and not changing the nomenclature pattern adopted ages ago.
this is amazing. Bhand in the nude. now i know who scared away the monkies from narmad! way to go dude.
helmet, you and dasan were not wearing ur specs da and also above the mess there was zuck light. So, you need to change ur lens while he needs to wear his specs regularly. Well for the other two, metro is anyway wierd enuf to imagine anything and poor senti had to prolly accept vaatever u guys said...

Bigchu, why shalt thou names be changed?

pisku, i see monkeys in the wing almost everyday in the morning. just that you prolly dont get up that early...
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