Saturday, April 02, 2005

ningĂșn tema

Some time back i had made it a point to attend this lecture under the auspices of the Reflections Team. The topic "Purity of Life, a biblican perspective, with special emphasis on Lust and Pornography". (i know it is rather long for a lecture title but a very sensible one for day-to-day society.)

The man who spoke was a good speaker and was free flowing while talking. The slides were rather carefully prepared and neatly presented. All that said, the content was VERY biblical, now i cant crib on that, for it is suppose to be that way. I am not complaining either. The man did make some sense in parts but one felt there were quite a few loose ends left. Though he claimed to courageous to speak on such a topic in an educational institution, still he was not expressing the true essence of some of the issues in plain words. One way of looking at it is that, our indian society has been in a framework which may not allow such discussion in public, but when one comes in public to talk on such issues should one really stop oneself from discussing things?

i see your point now...but i think the presentation format that he chose did not allow him enough time to delve deeper...
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