Saturday, April 23, 2005

Meeting my people...

Another couple of them down yesterday. One of them committed and another married...

This is the list of people who were my school classmates and have got married. A girl married last year, while a couple of guys married during this year beginning. And yesterday one girl got married while another guy got engaged.

The engagement was between 5 and 6 and was beyond the wedding place where the reception started at 6:30 pm. By the standards of IST(stretchable) one could have easily guessed the fact that we left the engagements hall only at 7:30. After all, almost half of the classmates had met at the engagement and went to the reception together.

It was very refreshing to hear people calling "buntie" and "bharathu" a very welcome change from the same old stale "bhaand" which i have gone completely use to that sometimes i dont even respond to "bharathwaj"

it is really a great occasion and feels very good to meet one's old frnds with whom one studied for 10 years and had sat with everyguy in class at some point of time, fought every person and still have a closely knit network with all of them even after 7 years since once finished school...

Hopefully i will get to meet them more often...

Eiy Buntie, tumhaara number kab aayega???
Dei Bhaand, you are also growing old.

Get married atleast before you lose all the hair on your head.
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