Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is it going off?

Today at a Public Meeting, the Dean Students stated that Saarang will not happen for the next two years.

The reasons he stated were quite a many to list here. The comments it attracted were umpteen in number, though nothing in public.

Is it really gonna happen? or is it some kind of pulling up exercise. i am gonna watch the show with a wicked smile...

What the fuck?????????????

Dean Students Santha Kumar thaane da? How serious was he about this? IIT Madras without Saarang is just not imaginable da.

What the fornicate? And other such like expressions incorporating similar sexual innuendo.

Dean Students is Idichandy da. Santakumar is Dean Acad Courses.

While telling all this, he was looking damn serious.
dei, totally woreshtest da... if it's true... just when we thought we can sweep all quizzes and make money...

hope it's just a hoax to make sure the freerider cul-secy does some work
its a tragedy if they r going to pack shaastra for arbit reasons. a bit like cutting off the head to cure the headache.
su, we talking of saarang. shaastra is gonna happen...
oops! sorry for the typo. it was saarang i meant.
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