Saturday, June 25, 2005

Another Tag - rewritten

1 How do people refer to you?

My parents and others at home call me Bharath. I was called Bharathu and/or buntie in school. IIT had given me quite a names but presently the most populous one is bhaand, amongst others like James, James V Bhaandu etc. other names people have used to call me are badhu, AIR, BD, bee, birdy (many more things which escape my memory)

2 What are your screen names?


3 What are the physical things you like about yourself?

my eyes
my smile

4 What are the physical things you don't like about yourself?

my hair(rather the lack of it)
my being fat...

5 How has your heritage influenced you?

It has indeed. I am quite a traditional person and follow a lot of things according to olden day practies. I am quite enthusiastic about history, heritage and all related areas.

6 What are the things that scare you?

there are lots of things to be listed here.
any wild animal
people who speak behind u
people who ditch u
(actually more than things, many people are scary for me)

7 What are your everyday essentials?

A Swim
Some time in front of the comp connected to the net
A good dose of good quality Carnatic music

8 Name three things you're wearing now.

specs, shaastra 2003 co-ord t-shirt, green color shorts

9 What are the things you want in a relationship?

A good person. Somebody who can understand and adjust herself to a common life style for both of us. (I dont say i will not change, but both of us may have to change to a certain extent for a good life) Some Humour

10 Give me two truths and a lie, in no particular order.

I like mom-made food
I can cook
I like Yesudoss' music

11 What are the 'things' in the opposite sex that appeal to you?

A good traditional dressing sense. no gawdy make-up. good looks.

12 What are the three things you want to do badly now?


13 What are the three career options you're considering?

(have to think for more options...)

14 What are the three places you'd like to go on vacation?

Any place which gives some nice natural environment and good relaxation to the mind

15 Name three kid names you like.

vEnkaTa krushNan
rAja mAthangi

16 What are the three things you'd like to do before you died?


17 What is your favourite quote?

Who every good have killed, may yet destruction flee;
Who 'benefit' has killed, that man shall ne'er 'scape free!

18 Who else do you want to tag to make them take the quiz now?

I am not going to tag anybody. Anybody who wishes to answer may choose to tag themselves.

PS: This blog is re-written to this format just to clear doubts of some people who have some illusions about me after reading my previous post. That post was written to proove the amount of pain involved in writing this post. It may otherwise be considered null and void.

Addendum: I have received an email which reads as follows, "Hi, i am __________ from IIT Madras. I am gay. I read from your blog that you are one also. I know you and you know me. So, why dont we see each other and get into a relationship? Do reply in positive. Waiting for your reply eagerly, luv __________".

don't tag me
ramsubs, read first line of answer to question 18... it says "i am not tagging anybody"
Dei daily essentials swimming a? No wonder the IITM swimming pool is closed most of the time. :P

What man...afraid of being branded a gay too?
And you ARE doing research badly, so you are one of those rare souls who get to do what they really want :-P

Actually, I came around to see if the new post was up, put it up quick, I want a dekko.
RESEARCH.. sounds cool :)
Eh? Somehow this post suddenly flashed on top in Bloglines.. strange..
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