Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another Tag

I have been tagged to answer this questionnarie by Ashish and i am indeed answering this questionnaire only coz i dont have anything else to do in particular. And so, here it goes...

1 How do people refer to you?

The most prefered reference to me i prefer is something i dont wish to spell out in public.

2 What are your screen names?

I dont have a second personality. refer to answer to question 1.

3 What are the physical things you like about yourself?

I like my head, my eyes, my nose, my face, my hands, my legs and all that is physical about me

4 What are the physical things you don't like about yourself?

I hate my head, my eyes, my nose, my face, my hands, my legs and all that is physical about me

5 How has your heritage influenced you?

It has indeed. As part of keeping up tradition is why i am presently writing this post. coz i have put a post accepting a tag so i have to accept another. History will be broke if another guy tags me...

6 What are the things that scare you?

some charecters who bitch around...

7 What are your everyday essentials?

Two Guys, A Man and a Master Bed room.

8 Name three things you're wearing now.

specs, a silver ring with a coral in it, a hand kerchief around my neck.

9 What are the things you want in a relationship?

They are all useless. I believe in "fuck and forget"

10 Give me two truths and a lie, in no particular order.

I am Gay.
I can ride.
I can drive.

11 What are the 'things' in the opposite sex that appeal to you?

opposite sex appeal... refer answers to question 10

12 What are the three things you want to do badly now?

Somehow get rid of paining myself to post this
Fuck the guy who tagged me to do this
get the most sexiest guy on my bed

13 What are the three career options you're considering?

Gay Porn God
House Hubby of a working man(prefly)/woman

14 What are the three places you'd like to go on vacation?

all male nude beach in Europe
all male nude beach in Latin America
all male nude beach in South America

15 Name three kid names you like.

Too busy to think of such things...

16 What are the three things you'd like to do before you died?

refer answers to question 12

17 What is your favourite quote?

All the Good looking women are married. All the Handsome men are Gay.

18 Who else do you want to tag to make them take the quiz now?

I dont want anybody else to go thro' this...

hey gay bastard!!!!!
The million dollar question now:

Whom did you sleep with last night? D.Y.K.E Rao or Q.U.E.E.R Reddy?
Damn...you and aunty are all that is left of the great third wing now...recruit and train sappu fast!!!
ramsubs, the second word is not applicable to me...

aziz, i slept with my pillow only...

bofi, aunty has also left us da.
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