Friday, December 02, 2005

And yet again

Today is the day i turn 24, according to Indian calenders.

Well, today has been even more better. I wake to see a couple of missed calls from my grand mom. Who wished me promptly, when i called back.

I thought i am gonna get wishes all day.

But, alas, the sad story sets in yet again.

My Mom and Dad have spoken to me twice since the morning, but have forgotten to wish me. Well, people have there own worries, it is for me to worry about my growing age, i guess.

I didnt wish you on your gregorian birthday.
So here goes.
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Think on this:

1.Have you always remembered to wish all your family members/friends on their Birthdays?

2. Those who wish good for you, will always wish good for you, any day, any time.

i do wish all my family and frnds on their b'days.

who is this?
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