Monday, October 09, 2006


Today marks hundered years since the birth of somebody who made me like english fiction. The man who made me read non-textbook english. This was the man who made me like English Fiction.

It is still afresh in my mind, the first time i ventured into my school library looking for a book to read. I was in middle school and had no idea of anything called english fiction. Had however started to read some tamil fiction by then.

Cruising through the racks, the small thin book with an Indian name caught my attention. "Swami and Friends" was as indian as you could get. The name of the author was actually not unknown to me. R K Narayan was a name i had seen in some english textbook and the ever green television series, 'Malgudi Days'.

From that day onwards, I have been fascinated by this man's works. I have read many of this works and I finish them in record time. I have of course read others, but the charm with this man is something i have not felt with any of the others.

I am literally short of words to write about him. What can i write about him? Who is this somebody, who needs to fetch a dictionary for quite a few words, to write about somebody who has made millions of humans spellbound by his words?

he is a wonderful writer
One reason I can think of for guys like us liking RKN's writing so much is because we can relate with what is happening in the book, set as it is in a TN setting.

In my opinion, the best Indian writer in English.
the irony in some of his stories .. :) it takes great originiality to be a great writer ..
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