Saturday, August 12, 2006

Notice this...

The following are text of a couple of notices found in one of the hostel notice boards in our campus.


All the students are requested to shift back to their old rooms and they can shift to the newly chosen room in 15 days in an orderly manner that can avoid chaos. - Gen Sec.


All of you are requested to kindly give your suggestions for the reading room and the library on the "literary note" left at the entrance. kindly do this before 1 pm of today so that they can be implemented.

I have no comments on either of them, but i should accept that i did burst out laughing on seeing them.

who are the two "gults" da?
This blog should go in the Narmad Blogsite.
i need to correct, the first notice about going back to old rooms is not from gen sec, but warden...

amrit, u could do the honours. :P but then, how relavent is it to our hostel blog?
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