Friday, January 25, 2008

Colossally Lame Theater

After a Saarang without the CLT, it does feel good to know that CLT is usable. With an extra pair of doors, it looks quite different from the green auditorium it was. It looks bigger in space than earlier, however the number of chairs might be less in the future. Also it is comfortable sitting on carpets is indeed much better than the plastic chairs which were originally planned.

With 4 of its entrances not usable, thanks to the AC equipment that obstructs your way inside the Audi as well, one barely manages to gain entry into CLT with hopes. Multi coloured carpets which can dirty your dirtiest jeans, greet you with a wide smile. We do accept that it is covers us from the sun, is well lit, isnt sultry etc. however the smell of unwashed stockings and fresh paint does make you move towards the nearest exit. The apology of a stage only adds to the other forces which drive you away. Construction Debris add to the misery as well.

Some venue is better than nothing seems to have been the motto of the Core group in having chose to use such a half-baked place. It is anybody's guess about how ready it is going to be for the Formal Inauguration slotted for the first week of March.

ah ... those memories :P
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