Friday, July 06, 2007

number of hits

in the past one year, that is from 5th july 06 to 6th july 07, the visitor statistics is below...

The above map depicts: 2,047 visits from 5 Jul 2006 to 6 Jul 2007

i m quite happy for the number of ppl who have visited my blog.

for more fundaes, visit

You've fans in Africa too!
there are fans of my music blog in Iceland and all...
Iceland is understandable due of the prevalence of the sport of ice hockey there, da!
Who might these lucky devils be? Especially from these places:

Hawaii, Finland, Norway,Sweden, Ukraine, Romania, Cyprus, Turkey, China, Philippines, Chinese Taipei, some island in the West Indies, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia :O

Ah, hell - damn all those anonymizer services(?) :D
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