Friday, February 06, 2009

To Dilip...

As I drove into the campus this morning at 7:45 am, my eyes were looking for the tall man with a stubble and a stick in his hand. i would have loved to pick him up and drop him at his office. Well, i havent found him there for a while now..

Half an hour later, I had to console myself seeing 'The Hindu' that carried his photo in the Obituary column.

Yes, I can never see him again. After those few minutes I stood by his mortal remains yesterday morning, I have been telling myself, I cant see him again. Never at all.

Blankness and Darkness sets in every time I think of the fact that i can never go back to his room and find him, the ever charming self, who was everything to many of us over generations of IITM students.

A Walking Encyclopedia. A rare combination of a vaishnavite and a communist. A connoisseur of pristine classical music of the best quality. A perfect listener. A Practical person. An Optimist. An Agony Box. A Confession Counter. A perfect teacher. A very learned professor. the list goes on...

The very sight of seeing him off at Alwarpet Bus Stop, sometime in March 2008, keeps coming back to me. That was the last time, i took him to a concert with me. I never knew that day that i would never be doing it again.

In the past few weeks, it was rather disturbing to see him undergo all the pain in a fight for survival. That did not stop one from hoping, wishing and praying that someday he will come back and be his normal self, the same man, we knew for a long time.

I still cant believe I cant see him again...

Dilip, I know you will be at the highest heavens and would be The blessed one closest to God. I know you will constantly think of all of us whom you were associated with and help us in every way. Still, I'll miss you forever...

Resolve to live by the principles he stood for. That way, he will always be with us. But, I don't deny that not having him around is going to be really tough for a whole lot of people (me included).


(Sadly) Kumar

did anyone record any of the speeches or music? can we get that online?

manoj saranathan
I never studied under him having done my B.Tech 77 but had the pleasure of his friendship because I was selling music. He was a regular visitor, every time with a different Alumni or students and proudly indroduce me to them. He knew all my staff by name and his knowledge of carnatic was phenomenal. Knew his health was going down but didnt realise he had left a year ago. reading his blogs I know now he touched so many in the heart. Its amazing how a History Prof that too with visual diabilty able to admiration from a huge number of students in an engineering institution some of whom who never even studied under him. My prayers to his family.
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