Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Couple of days ago, I was waiting an EMU(electric train) at Kastruba Nagar Station. When this some-what-familiar face was looking like a-child-lost-in-a-fair, on the opposite platform. He wasnt sure if he should stand there or come to the otherside. He enquired to somebody and realised he was indeed on the wrong platform. However, he was still lost on how to get to the right platform. He was contemplating if he should use the stairs or just hop across and eventually he did hop across.

I remember now, i had seen him in the Campus bus earlier that day. He came to me and confirmed if he was on the right platform. I told him where to stand, so that he could get into the right compartment. And then, this happened. He asked me if I was Bhaand. I replied in positive. He then went on to say that he knew me from my blogs and how they inspired him to prepare for JEE and end up at IIT KGP. He knew quite a few of my friends from here, who all were active bloggers once upon a time. He specifically mentioned Shamanth and Siddhartha.

This feeling was new to me. To have a stranger walk upto you and say "you inspired me in a way" was indeed a feeling of its own kind. And it was all of a sudden. And Inspiration in itself is a big word, being associated with it was something too much to handle.

well, Life goeth...

Kalakku :-)
go bhaand :)
Things like this make your day. :)
Go Bhaand!
P.S. Who is "Ganesh"? :P
Ask for anything gets something in return.:)
Nice, saar. Makes your day to see when you've made a difference to someone in ways you never really thought possible.

Life etc. goeth well, btw. At least as well as it can go for a young man about to graduate in the midst of a recession. :-)

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