Sunday, August 26, 2012

yesterday at the station.

Yesterday i reached TVR (thiruvarur) station rather early for my 16176. And my decision to do so yielded. I could see 56889 TVR-TPT passenger (a tiny train all of 3 coaches with the Guard in the middle one, pulled by GOC YDM4 6225) I was so facinated to see a MG train after so long. I kept going up-and-down the platform till the train departed. It was very dark and hence I did not attempt to take a pic. From the MG pf 5, i walked back to the BG pf 1 for my 16176 (thro' the FOB actually) and was loitering around the Pf coz there were too many mosquitoes. A Policeman stopped me and asked me "yenga poreenga" I said "madras poren" apram en andha platform-la ninnutu irundheenga. konja neram munnadi 5-la pathene" I was shocked to know that people actually noted this. I replied "naa madras. angallam meter gauge train kedayadhu. inga irukku-nu sonnanga adhaan paakalaam-nu andha platform vanden." he dint leave me there. "madras-la enna panreenga" he asked. "Oru company-la velai paakaren" i said. "thiruvarur edhukku vandheenga" he asked again. "idhu thaan sondha oor. kovilukku vandhen" i replied. naanum vidaama padhil sonnen. "periya kovil vandheengala" he also dint leave me. "aama saar. pakkathula grama thaan actually sondha oor. anga thiruvizha-kkaga vandheen." i said. (totally unmai)

even after all this cross-examination he half-heartedly let me continue my loitering till the train actually came.

oru train-a vedikkai paakaradhu ivlo periya thappaaa:((

Please translate "thiruvizha-kkaga".
it means festival
He must have thought you are a potential Rioter/terrorist :)
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